Good ship for 4/10 escalations?

I got my first escalation site! (Don’t usually do them, but wanted to try them out.)

It’s a 4/10 site Guristas Scout Outpost. I’ve been trying to find DPS charts and such but can’t seem to. Anywho…

What’s a good ship? I can fly any ship, and all t2 ships up to (and including) cruisers. Due its location (and me being cheap) cheap ships are always nice to fly.

T1 cruiser and up(faction, pirate, t2). There will be at lest 30 frigates to kill, so take something that can track well if you are turret oriented.

General, faction dmg type oriented t2 tank will do the job if you won’t try to face tank everything.

Remember that loot is from telescope in second room.

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Is it worth continuing to room 3 after telescope?

Also, if a T1 cruiser can do it I assume an AF can also run it, right?

Only 2 rooms.

Never done them in AF so don’t get my word on it. But I assume it can do it.

Yeah, AF can do it okay - I have used Ishkur, but a Gila or Gnosis do it quicker

Good to know. Thanks!



i prefer the jackdaw for Scout outlook,
good killspeed, enough tank and with a inertial stabber in lowslot and prop mode you can run through every losec gatecamp, because you allign like an interceptor.

Before i used the Gila mostly, but any cruiser can do it, if you know what you´re doing.

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