Good use for Alpha alt?

I like the idea of creating a free alpha alt, but I don’t know what I would use it for? Anyone else?

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The usual answer is, if you don’t know, don’t create one. Personally I don’t see much use except for spies, if you keep the Alphas Alphas forever.

I created one with the intention to join FW with it. Skilled up everything possible but never actually found the time to play more than my main (Omega) character.

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I use my alphas to multibox scams in Jita. Up to you though. You can make a decent profit on the side.

CCP worked very hard to make sure the Alpha accounts were not useful for Omega players. Most of the activities ALTs are typically used for are severely restricted or disallowed - either through skill restrictions or login restrictions.

I’ve used an Alpha as CEO of a small corporation - that works very well.

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Infiltrate corporations.

  • specifically with so called “new player corp” find out if they’re good, active corps helping their noobs, or bad corps with shitty CEOs that need spanking. if so, report them on the forums, so the noobs can be saved and the CEOs can be dealt with.
  • or find out if the corp has POSes with valuables, or maybe corp hangars full of stuff. Work yourself up on the trust ladder, and then play spy for others, steal or awox them.
  • or “swarm” corps, harvesting players from them, which you then can take to the next corp, where you can gather even more. After two weeks you have a nice fleet.

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