Goodbye and thanks for nothing

Skills atm Bella Matteo

Great lv4 pilot with maxed out Vargur skills.

50 Bil seems like e decent pricetag.

Sitting in Amarr waiting for a new owner.

The sale is hereby recalled. To those of you who hope to buy a cheap character, why don’t you morons just try to train some skills yourself.
I am rich and don’t need your pesky iskies, and I will unsub and forget this character. No big deal.

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Unfortunately the current meta has dread pilots valued over 1B per mil of SP but everyone else is just valued at extraction value.

Good luck, hope you get a good price!

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30 bil

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You will not get 50b for you toon, be lucky to get 40b

Extractor value is just under 40B, so I would say 40B is generous.

char still on sale?

Yes the char is still for sale, I have an ofer of 48bill atm

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35Bil if your interested.

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