Goonsworm is create in somethingawful?

I ask because somethingawful talks a lot about goons

Yeah that’s where they came from.

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Here it from a Goon himself, William

Note that after the casino war they’ve gotten more open to recruiting. So you don’t need to be in SA to join them. Also apparently long ago NSFW links were banned from corp and fleet channel comms.

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I ask because I’m in SA

I mean, if they welcome people both inside and outside SA in Goonswarm Federation.

You can join them right now without mentioning you are from SA. they might take awhile to figure out what system to park you in so that you have the most fun, but eventually you’ll get there. As I mentioned, they welcome people in and out of it.

If you have SA friends who are in Goons and you want to join, I’m sure they’ll let you in. They’ll probably be able to tell you where you might fit in the best faster.

You an Orca Pilot who loves mining? Hey there are barges which need boosting.

First month of subscription and trying out a new barge? They can point to you for some anomalies.

You like doing roams? All the big null groups do that. I’ve seen them use strategic cruisers to go around.

Like L4 missions? Apparently some of them do it too. And Ilve seen them use a simmilair tactic my group does. Find a fit that can solo the mission and have him carry a bunch of other people flying battlecruisers with medium guns.

Want to fly a hurricane in a giant fleet battle and press F1? Even an alpha pilot can pull this off.

This is a funny part of their history

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i new in the game

Well you have a few options. You could just pick a corp which sounds like they’re doing what you want out of the game. You could apply to Karmafleet directly in-game. You could ask some of your SA friends who are in Goons to show you the ropes. They can do it better than I can, I’m an Empire Space guy who watches EVE videos on YouTube, not an expert on Goonswarm Federation. All I said are publically posted knowledge thanks to William

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