Got robbed by ESS?

Dropped an ESS, then ratted for a couple of hours. When I went to pick it up, there was only 65000 ISK there (incredibly small amount), and when I clicked ‘share,’ all of that went to the only other dude ratting in the system.

Did someone steal the loot? If so, aren’t I supposed to get a message or a printout or an audit log or something?

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If someone stole from the ESS and you had contributed any amount towards the pool, you should have received an EVE mail notification about it.

Another alternative may be that someone else had already pressed Share and it was distributed already.

No EVE notifications. There is a bounty message that is slightly different than the other ones. Most are “got bounty prizes for killing pirates in…” The different one says “got paid bounty.”

Thanks for the explanation.

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