GPU PhysX feature causes black and white screen in Eve Online game

A real solution was found!

The problem can occur if the GPU calculates PhysX physics and this setting is always on by default if you reinstall Windows 10 and all drivers. This could be a real EVE Online bug or an old hardware and driver problem with the EVE Online game. New drivers are not available for the old GPU, so the problem cannot be fixed with a new GPU driver.

I changed the GPU driver settings. Now the CPU calculates the PhysX feature and screen stay normal. The PhysX setup was hard to do because I had to shut down programs and some of them automatically restart if I shut them down. In the end it was successful and I was able to press the apply settings button. PhysX comes with the GPU WHQL drivers and by default the GPU calculates the PhysX feature. This may cause realy bad and serious problems in the Eve Online game.


  • Monitor turns off and the game crashes.
  • Screen goes white for about 5 sec.
  • Screen goes black for about 5 sec.
  • Screen freeze for about 5 sec.

Now Eve Online game works fine. Finally, a fix was found for this very old problem. The setting is difficult to make, but it solves the problems. GPU driver PhysX setting must be changed from GPU to CPU.

The screen may still go black or white for about 5 seconds. This could mean that it is a real Eve Online game PhysX bug. The same problem still exists, but the game is now playable. The problem is not completely solved. It could be Eve Online or PhysX bug or both. The PhysX setting really drastically affected the playability of the game. I assume that we are now close to a bug in the game or a real problem with the drivers. I don’t know yet what I’ll try next, but I’m probably already approaching the real problem.

The hardware manufacturer’s program drastically affects the playability of the game, but I can’t mention it on this forum or the discussion will be closed. So you have to go to the Steam side to search for the same topic. The title topic is named exactly the same.

Where did the black and white screen go? Eve Online game coders can wonder about that. The problem doesn’t go away, but it decreases and I can play the game.

Link to the Steam side: GPU PhysX feature causes black and white screen in Eve Online game :: EVE Online Technical Issues (

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