Gravity Well. - Newly created Wormhole PvP Corporation is Recruiting! [USTZ]

Gravity Well. [GW.] is recruiting!

Have you been playing EVE Online for years and are looking for something new and different to get away from the current state of turbo-krabbing in Nullsec or endless hours in Tidi? Wormhole space could be that refreshing breath of air you need to continue your addiction of EVE Online.

Gravity Well is a brand new PvP focused group dedicated to Wormhole and Small Gang PvP while providing a down to earth relaxed culture. Currently we are living in a C2 wormhole with High-Sec and C3 Statics. It is our goal to move into a more structured wormhole alliance once the corporation has grown.

Our primary focus is PvP with members experienced in all forms of PvP EVE currently has to offer. While we don’t directly offer much structured PvE, we will provide the resources to farm ISK through our static C3 and easily logistics through our static HS.

What Gravity Well can offer you:

The chance to be at the start of a new Wormhole Corporation
If you’ve played EVE Online for years and have lost the “spark” to continue playing in Null or Lowsec, joining a newly formed wormhole corporation might be that refreshing experience you are looking for!

You also won’t have to worry about any major balance change impacts because CCP forgets about Wormhole space 75% of the time.

Player vs Player Content
While EVE Online is a sandbox, we like to believe the preferred way to play through PvP and specifically smaller gang PvP. The C3 static provides the perfect opportunity to hunt for people farming ISK, or roll for a C3 with a Null-Sec Static to roam. Even if it turns out to be one of those days where content is far and few between, the High-Sec provides the perfect chill camping to listen to spotify or hang out while waiting for people to flow in from Jita or Amarr.

Easy ISK Farming Access
Our home Wormhole currently has both a High-Sec and C3 as the statics currently while we are forming and getting stronger. The C3 can easily offer you 200m/hour with near unlimited sites since we can roll the static over and over again.

Laid back mentality
We try our best to create an environment that is chill and laid back for everyone. There are no mandatory strat op fleets, required PvE quotas, or any structured in-game activity quotas to meet each month.

Current Corporation Services Offered

  • Discord for out-of-game communications and voice.
  • Pathfinder wormhole mapping tool.
  • Citadels with a variety of services available.
  • Partial SRP for Logistics and Support ships.
  • Primarily USTZ.
  • An extremely low tax rate that goes directly into funding SRP, Citadel Fuel, and small support ships for involved operations. The excess corporation tax at the end of each month is refunded back to the members after expenses.

Requirements to Join

Laid back, drama free personality
This is critical, you can be completely terrible at EVE, but if you’re a chill dude who tries you’ll fit in just fine.

Training to our current fleet requirements
We do our best to only keep around doctrines that make sense and aren’t over the top expensive. Expect multiple changes as the meta adapts and our corporation play style evolves, and we expect members to keep up as best they can.

Self improving mindset
We understand that not everyone can be great at PvP, but you should strive to always be improving.

Having a general sense of how wormhole space works
You don’t need to be an expert or even experienced by any means, but you should have a general idea of what statics are, how to scan, and other basics.

10 Million Skill Points and Basic Ship Requirements
While overall total skill-points in no way determines skill, it does ensure you’ve been around for a little bit of time.

We also require some basic ships to ensure your time here is worth it;

  1. Covert Ops (Scanning and Bombing)
  2. Roaming Ships
  3. Logistics (T1 or T2)

One of the following (in order of importance);

  1. Loki / Drake Navy Issue / Osprey Navy Issue / Cerberus / Drake / Caracal

One of the following (in order of importance);

  1. Legion / Drekavac / Omen Navy Issue / Vigilant / Talos / Thorax

Interested in applying?

Join our in-game channel at “Gravity Well Public” to talk to a recruiter;
Leave a reply in this forum thread;
Send an in-game mail to Alchemist8 (USTZ);

As a note we will require full ESI Tokens for characters you plan on bringing as well as characters you don’t plan on bringing for security purposes.


Im in your channel -Best of us, this sounds interesting, I get home very late tonight, I’ll hit you in channel/send you a mail.


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Can’t wait to link up!


Hope to hear from ya in game I’d love to chat

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