Great New Ganking Grounds

There’s a little system in Amarr space called Atreen, where a group of individuals are attempting to recreate some feel of sovereignty from whenever, and are dubbing it “The Atreen Project.” This would be all fine and dandy, but the dude leading it is one of those guys who likes to tell you his (obviously fake) fight stories on comms, and it’s really annoying. That, combined with the boasting and the drunks (not the fun kind, the annoying kind who slur their words and want to argue about everything) made me feel like I should share this grand project with the gankers.

0.5 system. Lots of mining…in coveters.

Have fun.


Fight your own wars.

Make a ganker alpha.

A single catalyst should handle a covetor with little issue.

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Bob forbid I share fun.



On behalf of everyone who agrees with me …

Thank you!


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That’s nice, actually. Sharing hunting projects with people on the forums :3

Not really a war actually, just good ol’ ganking.

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