Great Rebellion veterans?

As a result of a lenghty conversation I had yesterday, I was wondering if there are still Minmatar alive who saw and perhaps even fought in the Great Rebellion? It was 140 years ago, granted, but thanks to advanced medicine lifespans are signifigantly longer and people seem to also be far healthier in their old age: for example Alexander Noir was at 160 years old fit enough to command a Nyx supercarrier and be in active duty in the Federation Navy.

I also remember some dev once saying that in New Eden “80 is the new 50.”

I was thinking it would be “cool” (and sad!) at some point to have an in-universe newspost for example that the last veteran of the Rebellion has died, or if there are signifigantly more of them, that some highly respected figure of that era died and something about that there are fewer and fewer of them each year.


Why not, it wouldn’t suprise me. But i think they would hang out with more of their kind, i doubt you would find one at the local planetary water hole.

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There is a valklear general in Templar One who was 160, Vlad Kintreb. At that age, he would have been alive during the time of the Great Rebellion. So yes, there are probably a few.


Not only alive, but old enough to take part. Though, I assume just about anyone who could reasonably use a gun or any other weapon, did, not just men considered adults.

For to expand on my previous post, i think you will find more great rebellion veterans amongst the Thukker Tribes.
It seems to be the right crowd for such veterans, somewhat desillusiond and grumbeling about politics. How different things where when they fought…


Krusual probably as well, seeing they were never fully conquered, according to Source. And probably whatever is the most populous Tribe, I have this feeling it’s probably the Brutor?


You know what would be fun, bumping into a few great rebellion vets somewhere in space. Perhaps make it worthwhile for any pilot that does it, something like an achivement “You sat and listen to some elders” and then you get some fun little reward for it :slight_smile:

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Really? The walrus-people that go around complaining that it’s too hot everywhere?

Yep. They slightly edge out Brutor. It goes Sebiestor, Brutor, Vherokior, Thukker, Krusual, Nefantar, Starkmanir.


It is too hot everywhere!

I don’t personally know anyone who was alive for the Rebellion, but I’ll ask around.

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