Lifeblood Picture: Upcoming/Current War?

Looking at the poster for lifeblood: If you look at either side of the refinery, you’ll see that the blue side is full of Minmatar ships, and the red side is full of Angel Cartel ships.

I know that they’ve always been enemies, but do you think this could be in future Scopes?


Now that you mentioned it, it’s interesting that it is those two factions in the picture, since while this update is largely about pirates and empires going at each other, the highlight should be on Guristas shipyard and their pirate capitals.

Though, maybe it is a teaser of the next expansion, since I’ve heard rumours and seen WIPs about Angel Capitals somewhere recently, and, interestingly enough, the Angels seem to have a Minmatar Titan on their side of the picture:

And that said, I’d welcome any and all development about the Minmatar, the biggest storylines have largely revolved around Amarr and Caldari for the past 8-9 years, with some mentions about Gallente and Minmatar getting some scraps here and there. Just a personal, and I acknowledge, possibly biased feeling as Minmatar roleplayer.


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