GriMM HounDs Small Gang PvP Corp Recruiting - USTZ


*GriMM Hounds is looking for new bros/sisters. We fly mainly Small Gang 0.0 type fleets in the USTZ, but we don’t mind the occasional large engagement.

SONS of BANE is a US, EU, & AU TZ Alliance . S0B has an establish base of operations in the region of Syndicate and we have lived here for many many years. The alliance has a diverse membership therefore we are also accepting EU and AUTZ pilots. We are a NBSI, PvP first! and everything else after corp. But, If you mine we have the moons, or if your love is PvE we have that too. But you must have a love or want to have a love to blow stuff up. In short we are looking for pilots who either want PvP or want to learn how to PvP. We do have an establish noob training course and pvp guidance program.

We are also looking for Corporations.

What we offer:

  • Small-Gang PvP

  • Profitable Industrial opportunities

  • SRP Program for Alliance ops

  • Multiple Time Zone support

  • Training for New-Bros (No SP Requirement)

What we require:

  • To have access to a mic and headset. (Discord)

  • To be an Active Player

  • To have a good attitude (non-toxic) & the want to use Teamwork to obtain goals

  • To participate in a quick screening for ticks. (Crabs will be overlooked)

Contact is:


Public Channel:

Grimm Public

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