Grinding Drifters

So, I guess I have to slaughter a bunch of Drifters to get my Trig standing so that I can use the new region. I play solo and I have all the sub cap skills.

What is the best way to do this? Find a shattered 13 wormhole and just run sites? It looks like I could kill rogue drones instead; perhaps I could just go to the drone region in null and kill NPCs for a few days?

Edit: Reddit says the drone sites in nullsec don’t give standings.

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look ms @Xeux
i used to farm wormholes
c1 give 8 mil per site and you can do it in any cheap ass cruiser and its super quick
c2 give like 15 mil for what i remember … its not worth it because some sites have batleships and take to much time for the money
c3 is th best , 45 mil aprox per site , take close to the same time to do as c2, you have to have a strooong cruiser (read expensive , i use a legion )

some dudes use t3 destroyers , i find cruisers the best , but i did with BCs and BSs to
so c2<c1<c3

be careful and enjoy the sweet blue loot

btw do the open sites and GTFO… DSCAM all the time
be discrete wen scanning in HS … people that can kill you usually follow from were you entered


Yeah . . . but farming them for standings is a bit different . . . the standings gains from the battleships might be worth it. Still . . . cheap ass cruisers is pretty much my whole identity.

I never bother with highsec wormholes. I will enter from null or low. Thx :kissing_heart:


np my dear :kissing_heart:

LOL this might be the best reply I’ve seen all day.

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You actually don’t need to do this apparently. Just go to rogue drone anoms and kill everything, including the structures. It’ll probably only take you a couple days before you can use gates in t-space. Also, both Trigs and Edencom will love you for it, because apparently infester alvis are more dangerous than a bunch of aliens eating entire solar systems.

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Good luck finding drone anomalies right now - they only last a few minutes after spawning before some guy in a gila/loki/vindicator/multibox-jackdaws lands on them and clears them. Or, just as likely, it despawns while you are in warp to it. Maybe out in Aridia or somewhere you can still find them . . .

The what now?



think you should learn the difference between drifters and sleepers before you set off

Shrug. Too many NPCs to keep track of.

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I’m using the alien = foreign defintion, not the little green men one. They’re a bunch of weird robed people that speak in riddles whose whole identity seems to be just purposely being vague with everything.

It is not supposed to be vague - it is supposed to be cool/edgy.

Maybe if I were still in high school I’d find the Trigs cool. I just find them to be needlessly confusing, and with how the standing mechanic between trigs and EDENCOM has been bungled, I’m more than happy to call the whole thing cringe, even though that may be too harsh a descriptor. “We were the good guys all along, never mind the genocide” just feels like taking a page from one of the worst narrative moments in WoW’s history, of all places.

to me they are this

and only this
and i don’t like it

More like

Oh so you dont like space immigrants.

Just think of em as ex-pats.

Apparently thats ok

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