GTAV NoPixel mod meets EVE Online

Make sure you read the “How to protect yourself from Gankers” section at the bottom of this post!

Just like in the NoPixel version of GTAV, I think we should have some form of player police force to chase the gankers and put them in prison. That would add a hell of a lot of fun content to this game!

EVE needs comms for this to work or we could use OOG comms like discord or mumble. I don’t know if you remember, but EVE used to have in-game comms. I don’t remember why they got removed, but I seem to remember that they didn’t work all that well.

Ganking is the problem…

I dislike the whole aspect of high-sec ganking. I think there should be some sort of cost to the ganker besides a 15 minute cool down timer. I think the timer should be an hour or at least 30 minutes. Ganking is a very lucrative profession or people wouldn’t do it. If someone is doing an activity that has the potential to make such a huge amount of profit, there should be a hell of a lot of risk involved in that activity.

Take a look at this guy…

The gankers who killed him made off with 5 billion ISK with no real risk and they spent their 15 minute cool down timer congratulating each other.

There is very little risk involved for the ganker. At the very most they are going to lose a cheap ship that they intend to lose anyway. So there is virtually no risk to the ganker to make such huge potential profits. I think this is a bad game mechanic that should be seriously looked at in terms of fairness to the rest of the community that doesn’t gank and works hard to make their money.

This is the solution…

Lets take a look at the NoPixel role-playing version of GTAV (Grand Theft Auto 5) In that heavily modified version of GTAV, there are real people who play police and bad guys. The bad guys commit crimes and the police chase them. If the bad guys are caught, they are arrested and go to prison. The more serious crimes and repeat offenders get extra time in prison. I spend quite a lot of my time watching GTAV on Twitch. I usually watch summit1g or ray__c or omie. They all play the NoPixel Role Play version of GTAV. Spend some time watching how players interact with each other. They use two-way radios to speak to each other when they are not nearby. The NoPixel version even has its own court system where you can go to trial for your crimes.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could arrest a ganker and put him in prison for a while? We need space cops who are real people with the ability to tractor ships and arrest the occupant! Of course, this is not something that can be done anytime soon, as it would involve quite a bit of code writing, but think of the possibilities!

How to protect yourself from Gankers…

For people living in high-sec, there are in-game chat channels called “Gank-Intel” and “Anti-ganking” … I suggest that you join them. In the Anti-ganking channel, you can engage in discussions about how to not get ganked.

Being ganked is not fun. Lots of ganks happen to miners. There is only so much you can do to protect yourself when mining. It’s just a risk you have to accept. However, you can be proactive and mark gankers with bad standings so that they stand out in local chat so you can see when they are in your system. If you see a ganker in system, they could be in warp to you at that very moment so you should take immediate action like warping somewhere else if you have a flimsy ship.

There is also a Twitch channel called UedamaScout that shows the ganking activities of quite a few systems. Watch that channel when you are traveling about.

You wouldn’t walk down the street with a transparent crate full of gold bars, so don’t do the equivalent in EVE and you probably won’t get ganked.

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