Guardian's Gala VIP site

A buddy and I just managed to conquer them sites in highsec on SiSi and I hope it will help you along.
All you need are one or two Golems with explosive cruise missiles.

The thanatos does have 62.15% explosive resistance and since I only had explosive with me, it took a while to get the armor layer down. My estimate is that it is above one million ehp.
However the minmatar carrier has 0% explosive resistance at all layers, so you will have an easy time, shooting the shields down, after which the armor and hull ehp go down fast.

In both cases shoot everything you can until the carrier lands and stop shooting anything but the carrier.
I was flying a Raven Navy Issue which I made cap stable and 8x torpedo launchers.

I am guessing a Golem can solo those sites with t2 cruise missiles, precision for the frigates and cruisers and fury for the carrier(s).

Or you have 2-3 (4 or 5 with low skill points) Ospreys and 2x Raven. The logi will get webbed and painted, so be careful.

4 Likes :] I’m sure the resist profile will follow the dread

Nope, I am telling you, the minmatar carrier has 0% explosive resistance or of 8851hp maximum torpedo damage of my Raven Navy Issue, the logs showed that I did 8851hp damage per cycle.
On the thanatos I did 3350hp damage and double on the hull layer.


Another day, another try, this time I wanted to see if it is possible to tank the VIP site in highsec without any implants for blue modules and yes, it is.

A t2 fit Scorpion Navy Issue can tank the site but the downside is, you don’t do enough damage to kill the carrier, so you will need 2 of them.

Have you tried with a neut as neut’s slow their repair rate. I can’t remember the % but it stacks from what I can remember.

neuts are bad, very bad for any Amarr, Caldari and Gallente boat.

Again the minmatar carrier has passive regen, not amount of neuts will stop it.

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Meh, good point would have been nice, neuts have helped me tons in breaking those damn sansha ded’s that require tons of dps.

I have never seen a VIP site in highsec. Are you sure they can spawn there?
What is the reward for finishing one?

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Yes I am very sure because I am in one right now.

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SISI or TQ? I think the spawns were altered on SISI to allow more testing (ie the VIP’s were put in highsec).

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Oh? SiSi but in highsec.

The regular site with the battleship can be done in a t1 Drake :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I can confirm, you need 2000dps all explosive damage to kill the carrier.

Happy hunting

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Yeah I have a feeling VIP sites are low & null only on TQ. (hope to be proved wrong though)


Aww man. I thought someone was talking about a VIP in highsec. Anyhow, I did it.

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