★ :aura: Guides and 🎁 Giveaways

No personal experience with that playstyle so maybe you can try Jita local to gain some experience with the subject…



Jita local is filled with bots

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

Due to the fact I haven’t received a single giveaway request for a rookie kickstart 500K ISK handout nor for any blueprint since more than a year I think it is safe to assume these giveaways ran their course and are no longer needed.

When were more feasible they received good amount of interest and helped people so they fulfilled their purpose and hopefully helped as many as they could.

Understandable considering the inflation and the daily login rewards also provide free blueprints of various quality and the industry and mining changes, thus in their current form these became redundant.

As such both the Rookie kickstart 500K ISK giveaway and the Public blueprint giveaway are retired as of writing this post.

The blueprints will probably be given away in a different format in the future if and when I find a suitable way that generates more interest in them or when I see an opportunity of handing them out to people who need them, preferably new players if possible but not exclusively.

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Just received a big payout from an investment and came back to look at this thread. I got the 500k handout a year ago after seeing it on steam and thought it was most generous. I just paid you back in hopes that you do more things for future new players.


Thanks. Though it would been better if you just gave it away to some random rookies or whatever who seem like could put it in good use. I have plenty of spare ISK so that is not the reason I’ve stopped the ongoing giveaways for now, simply there was no interest in them thus feel pointless to continue.

Will give away the stuff later on in some form or another once I have more time to spend on EVE and have an idea what kind of giveaway would work.

But anyway glad the ISK helped you and good to see you are an established player now, at least that’s my impression. Fly safe o/

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The guide just went through a major update.

(Note: Though due to this some newly added parts currently lack related illustration and chapter header images, which will be added later on as I will have to create such images.)

As part of this update the guide and its content has been:

  • revised and made up to date
  • reorganized
  • rewritten to be shorter and better worded where possible
  • improved as the tools and resources that no longer exist have been removed and new or previously not included ones have been added
  • corrected as at least one broken link had to be fixed and so on

Note that the guide is also featured on my new blog as well.

Fly safe o/

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LOL, finally a post I understand at first read :wink:

Good work!

Guides still available.

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