Guristas Hunt ALERT - CODE is ganking

thats alot of salt

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Lets try this.

I will get into another Proteus fit exactly the same way I have been fitting them and your precious little High Sec Butt Boy can come PvP me 1v1 in the same Thrasher fit that he used in the gank.

No…just him and me in the ships that were part of the gank.

But then again I’m not stupid because CODE can’t succeed in single 1 v 1 PvP.

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I’m not in CODE. but I’ll do it.

Meet me at the sun in Tama.


I think when the Workshops open up for weeks work is when CODE settles down.

Is that true CODE? When the ( Enter your counties MRDD shop name) Workshop opens up you settle down?

The question that I have for the 475 members of CODE is this; How can you sit there and look at yourself in the mirror every day spouting all of the CODE ,same for letters as another word, that you do knowing that you are the exact opposite of how you perceive yourself?

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I pvpd you, 1 v 1. 1 players vs 1 player and smashed you with my raw skill and ability, git gud miner


I’ll pvp you dryson if you want to 1v1

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If I want to PvP I can go right into 9U and pick a fight with Pandemic Legion.

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But he has challenged you to an honorable duel. How do you proceed?

Proceed with caution because any attempt to forge an excuse or wiggle your way out of the grasp of the time-tested tradition of ‘honorable duel’ will be met with laughter and ridicule.

Nows the time to put your money where your mouth is.

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He made no mention of any type of honorable duel. Any duel involving CODE always results in CODE showing up to gank…always.

This…is Elite PvP.

This…is Eve Online.

CODE…is a Blob

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Ah, side-stepping the challenge I see. That video is an accurate detail of what eve used to be. Now I guess eve is just all-talk players that bow out when challenged.

I was hoping you’d show us the best side of you today, but I guess I’m just left disappointed.

You are that delusional to actually believe that you are somewhat above those in the video?

When is the last time that any CODE fleet was part of a video the Includes the Best of the Best that includes Wingspan, Rooks and Kings, Bombers Bar?

You are not the new anything CODE. You are the backwash of the Universe.

And no there was never any mention of honorable PvP. He said that he would PvP me if I liked. No conditions were set by the initial offering of PvP to keep CODE out of the match.

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Friend, it the presence of CODE. citadels in every system wasn’t my claim but I cited it. I think you should call that guy in the other thread the liar.

I’m sorry but I still don’t follow. CONCORD inescapably destroys the ship of any unlawful aggressor in highsec. How is that not a significant issue for any PvPer? I mean, having a ship is sort of a prerequisite to be a PvPer at all, elite or of the normal variety. Certainly, losing your ship in 6-26s makes highsec criminal PvP more difficult than nullsec loosy-goosy-style PvP? I know nullseccers have a propensity to drop a super blob on everything that moves (the “Cyno Drop” you mention), but even they can’t match the reaction time of CONCORD.

I don’t see Australian Excellence hiding behind CONCORD. His ships died in a glorious fireball to their omnipotent weapons. In his elite fashion, he took them on knowing full well he wasn’t going to survive his heroic last stand against the man (AKA CONCORD) and went down in a blaze of glory, just happening to take you with him (twice). Sacrificing yourself for your cause takes guts, and you should be saluting him for being a highsec patriot and fellow warrior even if you reject James 315 as the saviour of highsec, not throwing possible EULA-breaking insults at him.

And of course, that raises the point if Australian Excellent lacks PvP skills completely, yet managed to beat you twice while you were hiding under the skirts of CONCORD, what does that say about your PvP ability? :thinking:

CODE, nothing but a bunch of gang bangin’ trolls. Don’t even waste your time responding to their forum comments.

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CODE. fleet vs PL capital fleet

Pandemic Legion has nothing on me


Wait… why is ganking players in low or null sec or wh’s acceptable but in hi sec it is not? What code does - whether you enjoy it, or not - is as legitimate a way to play eve as any other. You don’t have to like it, but you have to accept the fact that you risk Being targetted by anyone when you hit hi sec just as much as any other sector… how you prepare yourself for the journey is your own issue, ccp quite rightly are not going to interfere - start interfering with one group - set presidence for all other groups to expect changes to things they dont like… If it gives you that much butt hurt - you should play sudoku…


@DrysonBennington the salt is real lmao
@Australian_Excellence good kill <3

Welcome to EVE
If you expect fairness then you’re in the wrong game :joy:

Maybe if you didn’t fit your Proteus like a poverty-stricken mango, you wouldn’t have gotten ganked. Or maybe you would have, since ganking you is a pretty reliable method of generating comedy gold mines like this thread.


Are there, besides Marland, no actually stable people in AG?

No, they all switched sides :smiley:

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