Gutter Press editorial policy change

Due to recent events and expressed policy positions by some state governments, Gutter Press is changing policy regarding vox populi interviews with the citizens of New Eden.

Going forward, in instances where Gutter Press staff are of the opinion that the safety or well-being of an interviewee may be endangered, the identity of the interviewee will be obscured such as to ensure anonymity and guarantee the freedom to express an opinion without fear of retribution.

The identity obscuration procedure will anonymise the ethnicity and profession of interviewees.

An example of this procedure is that an interviewee who was previously described as “a JinMei fruit enthusiast”, would be anonymised as “a Federal citizen”.

Gutter Press. Free News.


geez you may as well write the girl’s federal citizenship id


Perhaps a display of public apricot consumption as a show of solidarity is in order?


Great idea!

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I must object. Most non-Kim people know I’m a Federal citizen, but no one knows I’m a Jin-Mei fruit enthusiast.


How can one judge the merit of an editorial without knowing the opinion on the subject matter of at least three different exotic dancers? With this change, I could be reading the unqualified opinion of just about anyone! Outrageous!


This policy change is helpful and most needed.

When the source is described as a “Federal citizen”, I know exactly what sort of person it is. But when they are described as a “Jin-Mei fruit enthusiast”, I find it unclear whether this is a person of Jin-Mei descent who enjoys fruit, or a person of unknown descent who prefers fruit from the lands of the Jin-Mei.

This is, of course, my only complaint regarding Gutter Press reports.

…yes, I am a father. How’d you guess?


I think this is appalling.

This policy change is deliberately trying to undermine the prevailance of under-represented groups in the mainstream media. I will not rest until Gutter Press stops its campaign of oppresion and resumes its previous multicultural, progressive policies in regards to cultural and ethnic representation.

I might even start a petition - I hear they are super effective.


This thread is a roll call for all the regular IGS trolls, good-natured or otherwise.

Can we throw Jin-Mei tomatoes at it?

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I think you have things the wrong way round. This isn’t about silencing people, it is about letting them be heard, without fear of the faceless minions of barefaced tyrants that would spirit them away in the night for stepping out of line.

Then get rid of the tyrants, then.

I would suggest watermelons. I know a good supplier.

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Boo, boo, and more boo. (I needed five words)

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