Hacking FPS Drop

When I click to hacking dot my fps droping from 60 to 20, I must click fast to this dots but this fps drop preventing it completely. Why there is a problem like this in this very old game ? İs it realy hard to solve this problem for a rich company ?

Legacy code probably. but i agree, the responsiveness of these sites should be brought up on par with the rest of the game.

I don’t know if it’s really FPS or delay/lag but I have had the same problem. Very annoying when you click quick and a node does not reval, you click again and might have wasted some of your virus coherence on a firewall. :roll_eyes:
However it adds to the stress and adrenalin level when you are in hostile space and expect to be hunted. ^^

It makes blitzing the sites a bunch slower. @CCP_Falcon might know where to redirect this post so we can get an answer or even fix for the issue.

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