Hacking idea

What if hacking had more in common with real-world pentesting? Specifically, with a command line interface and maybe kind-of-nonsense-but-still-believable commands…

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You already do that by going over the grid. Every clicked node is the graphical representation of a command line commando and every defensive node is the graphical representation of some sort of roadblock (antivirus, ddos prevention, security check, id check etc.).


What I mean, though, is actually typing things into a terminal-like thing.

Instead why not add new elements to hacking like social engineering, dumpster diving for password elements, sending out minmatar prince EVEmails asking for ISK to can reclaim your Matar throne and whatnot?

Hello, I am the system administrator. My voice is my passport; verify me.


Lol nice :laughing:

Have you heard about the game “Objects in Space”? It’s a little indie game that has very fundamental graphics but might scratch your itch of “steering with command lines”.


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