Hacking Stations

Security level of the system should not matter.

Use the tools the game has given already to keep it simple.

“sab·o·tage”: either docked or orbiting – cloaked or uncloaked(?). . Treat it like hacking into a Jove Observatories. Go suspect and leave it to the players to defend their own structures.

If we are going to add implants and new forms of modules, then can they be used on a secure container in space? Or… maybe a mobile depot, also.

The Devil is in the details, but the basic concept is worth exploring.

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This could be outsourced to warclone mercs in the EVE based shooter from CCP (being developed now by CCP London studio). The first atempt at the genre - DUST 514, relayed on hacking very much to secure objectives and equipment (turrets, vehicles, supply etc).

So, not trying to sell you on that, I think such ACL overrides begs for some stealth, direct foot and hands-on work to get to security terminal deep inside any station and not left to canned capsuleers trying to do it remotelly.

This could open more opportunities for coopertion and dependence between capsuleers and warclones. Imagine if you could hire them to not only hack on your behalf to NPC station, but also to POSes, POCOs, command ships, and more. Things could get more interesting in New Eden.

Hope you agree with at least some of this.


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