Lower Power Station Takeover

Idea for a new system of station takeover system. A low power station will be sent into Structure as normal. But then station delivery bay could be used to “deliver” Marine items at the end station ownership is now the attackers. Counter could be stock of own marines and maybe some new internal defence modules to make this harder. Think this would use lots of current systems and be relative easy to implement but add narativec depth to structure bashing.


While I like the idea somewhat, it would have to require a lot more than just stocking up on marines imo. I think the best option would be a new fps tied to eve but I won’t hold my breathe.

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That could be a good way for CCP to actually implement/introduce another fps, as long as it’s as good as Dust514 was.
They had a great game the way it was, adding stations as a war theater would complement the ground assault greatly.
They shouldn’t have made that exclusive to one system, especially when that system was about to be retired.

Absolutely, Dust was good. It had room for improvement of course but if it was on PC and they added more to it i think it would have lasted.

It probably would have lasted had they just released it on PC, exclusively or otherwise.
Instead of drastically changing it into Project Nova, they should have ported it over to PC and expanded it to include something like taking over stations.

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