I have a dream

one day it will be possible to embark players who can act like soldiers, in a fps mode, where it would be possible to invade the ships of other players

… or their planets.

I don’t think EVE’s engine will be able to handle this, nor do I believe CCP will be good enough to figure out how to balance it appropriately.

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Well, you’re in luck. It’s called project nova and… it’s dead.

Anyway, I don’t know how I feel about this. It could conceivably be cool, but I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to lose ships based upon the outcomes of events that I had no control over.

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It’s not, they are still hiring for the studio for an FPS MMO.
It may not be what was hinted at back when it was presented any more of course, but the project isn’t dead.


They just need to redo Dust 514 and make it on PC and actually connect the damn thing to TQ.


This ^^ … squared.

Ships don’t last long enough for boarding to work.

But planets and structures maybe…

Requiring people to play a different game to defend their EVE assets is always going to be a bad idea, even if it was just for PI.
The Dust 514 level connection where you could hold entirely in space in FW, but Dust gave a bonus if your side was winning was good, as it didn’t force you into it but it made it matter.

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