Had 5 crashes and no feedback

So the other night, I had a string of crashes. First I had 2 crashes after viewing someone’s profile, and later 3 crashes after a Stratios engaged me.
Nothing is as disheartening as rushing to log back in, and seeing your shields melting, then your armour peeling, and finally your ship burning, in 3 separate attempts.

I have logged 2 tickets, but I am not getting any feedback.
I have basically stopped playing the game because why would I want to fly through low sec and risk losing anything if the developers aren’t getting back to you?

It’s not like I want them to fix it immediately, but some feedback would be nice. Simply acknowledging that they received the crash logs and are looking at it, or that my ticket is 4th in line, or whatever.

CCP, please speak to your customer base, even when it is about issues. Everyone likes contacting back the people when everything is working as it should, but why is it that as soon as something goes wrong, companies tend to turtle up and withdraw into their shells?



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