Half My Alts Constantly DC

Since the last update I am having a consistent and repeating bug where half of my alts constantly dc after a few mins of being online. Then theirs the long hanging of the window where you need to processor kill it to get rid or wait out the random immunity to spamming the red x on the window.

System specs
i5 4400k
8gb ram
nvidia 970
1tb samsung ssd
300mbps fiber internet

Them specs tell me I shouldn’t be suffering from a dc and that it is either the clients bad programming or servers dropping my connection. It is natural very annoying to deal with this when trying to multi-box a mining fleet.

With the removal of any community staff I am wasting my time hoping a dev will see this and am instead hoping a member of the player base can help me


I frequently have 3 active clients with somewhat older hardware (GTX 770, AMD 8350 and Micron M4 SSD) - the system is rock solid. I had a freezing issue after upgrading to Windows 10 1709 but fixed it by turning off Fast Startup. If there was an issue with the client or server I suspect a few more people might be complaining!

hmmmm thats interesting iv been on win7 for basicly years now and never had this problem befor until december… i wonder what it is and it might help if i point out im running 12 accounts on that system with my other running another 12 with out problems

Windows 7 is now 8 years old. Mainstream support ended 3 years ago - it’s still getting security updates for another 2 years but we’re at the point where people aren’t doing QA against the old technology any more - if something doesn’t work - too bad. I’d try a clean boot (MSCONFIG) turn off anything that isn’t needed to run the client and see if that fixes it.

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