So I'm having a slight issue

So I’ve been doing some missions that I’ve been ignoring for too long, but as of today i’m running into this issue a lot. Does it happen to anyone else?
I’m using an amd ryzen 9 5950x @ 3.4ghz, 32gb ramm, 500gb ssd, radeon rx vega 56
Comcast gigabit, directly plugged into modem.
Only account running on this computer, but several mining alts on 3 other computers, with weaker stats.
I’ve restarted my computer several times, and restarted the modem twice so far today.

You just reopen the agent window and it should work fine on the second or third try. I think it is related to several different players interacting with the agent at the same time.

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It isn’t your computer.

It keeps happening every few missions. I click back a few times, and it gives me the same thing.
I restart my client and it works again. Only mildly annoying.