Hard to see your own market orders after laster update


Could you please switch the color back to vibrant blue so that it’s possible to spot our orders again?

or even better, make an option where you can choose which color you want.


See this post for a workaround

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The new colors are in general very hard to see. The market has A LOT of information in it so you need clear bright colors for your eyes. No bland colors.


Imagine having to use a colorblind mode to fix the shortcomings of the UI. CCP will probably sell this as “more customizability”. :joy:



I hope they also get rid of unnecessary grid of dots.

I hope you all have raised a support ticket to roll back this terrible color change…

The color changes with the latest update make this indeed quite more difficult to see.

So far I like and enjoy most of the Photon UI features in their current state. The new market colors and their combination I do not.

idk what are you talking about.

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