Photon UI: Market order highlight colors too similar

So we went from having our own market orders in bright blue, and in-range market orders in bright green.

Now it’s a dull pastel teal (blue-green) and a dull pastel dried pea green.

These colors are WAY too similar and it’s taking longer for me to make the distinction between my own orders (formerly bright blue) and in-range market orders (formerly bright green). I could zoom through a list of orders taking fractions of a second to review each order. Now I have to sit and look slowly.

This is a horrible change. Please change it back. OR give us the ability to choose our own colors for these highlights.

It seems whomever thought up this change has the sense of an interior decorator, not somebody who is concerned with usability! UI changes should enhance end user usability, not degrade it!


CCP actually went for the worse color scheme that is hard to read instead of the bright, easy to read theme to fix the inconsistency issue… Classic CCP. And people really wonder why I refuse to be more appreciative towards CCP. :joy:


Who on earth could possible think that THIS “reduces cognitive overload, streamlines usability, improves learning”? @CCP_Junison This is the embodiment of the exact opposite of everything written in this announcement blog.


At the very least, we should get the option to de-pastelize all these UI colors.

Again, anyone implementing pastels into a game UI has the design sense of an interior decorator, not a game designer.


PVP players get Red and Orange, while Market Traders get…Teal?!!

Market Order highlight FAIL

Could they have chosen two colours more similar to highlight your market orders? NO. Gobsmacked someone made this decision. Why offer the feature if this is how it’s implemented? It now unanimously frustrates players rather than the originally intended purpose to increase user experience.

Possible CCP Solutions:

  • Let us choose the highlight colour
  • Give us a few options
  • Learn and apply colour theory

In the past this was not a problem in my opinion because the colors were vibrant and strong:


This vibrant and strong color theme made the rather similar colors easily distinguishable from each other. The problem is the pastellization of the colors that removes this clear and easily recognizable difference.


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