DEVS: Please return market order highlight colors back to what they were

The new market order highlight colors make it alot more difficult to identify your orders in comparison to the way it was… Please revert it back or give us the option to change the colors…


100% agree. This is a horrible change. I can barely see which order is mine now. It was perfectly fine before.


1000% Agree. PLS, I’m going blind


Also Agree. Was much better before the change.

Personally, I like things as they are now. Tastes will vary.

The whole wallet and market tabs are a mess it all needs changed back!


Its quite confusing. I would like an option to set up colors on my own.

It’s complete garbage and very difficult to look at.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Xafen Katapi — their last post was 2 years ago.

Welcome back Xafen to the forums. I am glad you came back after all this time.

I see at least 3 peepz that got woke and found the forum. CCP is doing something right. Stagnation = death of EVE. Change will make it hard for the comfortably numb.

It almost looks like CCP try desperately to annoy as many players as possible


Yeah, no kiddin’ player that doesn’t undock from his station ever.


Considering the fact that he has +5.01 Security Status, I would say he’s definitely undocked from station quite a bit.

Oh and I agree with the thread title too.


Working as intended…no change needed

Working as intended?

Oh, you mean driving even more people away from the game.

Yeah, guess it is working after all.


First world problems are no prime issue to be solved

bottom line…

The market order system seems buggy as ■■■■ now.

Agreed. This needed changing, why ?

Were a solution looking for a problem.

Obviously some doof in a panic over keeping his job came up with this. Then some other doof green-lit it to look like he’s doing something besides spanking his carrot on company time.

This is how it works with directionless companies. Nothing to see here, folks.

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Or one person logged in with alts to make the complaint louder…

–Army of Gadget

It’s fine. I like the new way.

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