Hardcore Ironman-style characters

On Permadeath for Normal Toons in Eve
I mean, I’m not opposed to more risk or a slightly bigger death penalty, but permadeath is such a harsh penalty that I’d just park my existing toons. We’re not talking about loosing the progress of a 2-3 hour rogue-like run, were talking about losing years worth of progress. I mean, it would be like flying an AT ship around. I know some guys have the balls to do that, but for me, it would make me break Eve’s golden rule every time I undocked in so much as a pod with a clean clone.

On Disposable Toons
Once again, I’m not opposed to your feelings about Eve, but how would these work? How would they incentivize fights? What incentives would people have for using them? Like, why would I want to use a low skill toon with permadeath when I could fly an extremely high skill toon that can’t die?

You’d pretty much have to include higher starting SP/massively faster training/etc to make them viable very soon after character creation, but then you just negate all meaning to permadeath by making them completely expendable.

And they’ll only be used for expendable purposes then also. Which means ganking alts primarily.

When CCP was working on the vampire game, they had an idea where most people could respawn, but the head of the coven, with special super powers would not reanimate if they were killed. Each coven would (presumably) need something like that. It seemed like it could work in a game designed that way. But in Eve? I’m not sure how they would balance that. I think the Eve equivalent is the supercapital ship.

Yeah, and a reward/ranking system. There’s some major challenges for a really workable system (ranking integrity etc), but there’s serious issues to work out with any worthwhile idea. 10 years ago it was a big deal to be highly ranked in battleclinic etc. Today being top tier in EVE is kinda like being a billionaire (besides Musk or Gates) or a famous rapper (besides the Beastie Boys) , theres 1k more of you and nobody knows or cares wtf you are.
Ironman mode could therefore also be an avenue to rejuvenate a core aspect (who’s the best this week) of the game that has not aged well.

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Once again, an Ironman pvp focused addition would necessarily, of course, be non-hisec centric.

I saw that, who cares?

Its a dumb idea, all-sec.

Ok thanks for your opinion I still think it would be a pretty cool idea, and think with some reasonable incentives it could draw a segment of pve centric players to give pvp a go. Even when most of them gravitate back towards pve play styles it would still have broadened their engagement in eve and contribute to overall health of game.

How exactly is vastly increasing the risks of PvP going to encourage risk-averse farmers to be interested in it?

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Because its awesome idea

Lol, even it was the most awesome idea ever thought up and implemented, the fact these players do not want to engage in PvP now because :reasons: means that with perma death added to the board they are even more unlikely to want to engage in PvP.

I guess fortunately it isn’t the awesome idea you seem to think it is.


I want them flagged in local so I know to pack smartbombs for their pod.

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The only reason I could see for a permadeath Account…

Is the character is perma tied to its faction…
Any Faction including the Pirat’s, and maybe even EOM.

Your not a Capsuleer on this character…
But you are in the miiitary of your faction or some other lore based important class job …
Mission and other content would need to be created or tied to together for these “RP” permadeath characters that are not Capsuleers.

Perhaps the Triglavians do not have cloning technology, so if you decide to start a Triglavian character you only get one life to live.


Yeah, exactly, only character not account. Account would be dedicated
Doesnt even need to look anything like a regular account with 3 toons, could be a ground up thing unrecognizable from original like all starwars movies after the original 3 real ones.

Return of the Jedi was very iffy.

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