Harmony and abundance

Risk substantially increases for most content in low and null if you are not alone or know everyone else in the system but the rewards doesn’t increase. This creates a big incentive to do content and play the game away from other players. Is this ideal?

What if distributions of most things as well as bounties on rats was affected by the amount of jumps in the system? So that the reward etc. increases the more jumps have been over x amount of time? This way you can still go to empty parts of space for lower risk but the system wouldn’t be as abundant.

The change could be manipulated by getting pilots together and regularly jumping around in certain parts of space to trick the game into pumping up the rewards and abundance of stuff that spawns. But that seems fine to me. Lets discuss or not :slight_smile:

If its introduced null and lowsec groups would be more open to have people roaming around in their areas? Maybe a new corp project “Patrol”. The job is to do a number of jumps in and around specific systems to maintain or raise their abundance level.

Pirates who are roaming and jumping around searching for targets are also contributing to the abundance level. So the more the pirates hunt the higher the abundance in the hunted system gets and there seems to be some harmony in that.

There may be a better metric for determining whether abundance should grow or shrink than number of jumps or perhaps it should be combined with another metric. For example the cumulative amount of hours players has spent in the system over a period of time. In this case among other things, AFK cloakers can be seen as a benefit to people who are scanning/ratting etc.

There may be a better term than abundance, but lets say its at 100% then bounties pay out 100%, chance of DED sites and various other anomalies are unchanged.

But lets say abundance can go to 0% then no anomalies will spawn and rats wont pay bounties :slight_smile: Thats all. Have a nice day.

Sounds cool at first glance. Maybe systems should have an abundance of 0 by default so players have to have been in or going in and out of a system for a while before rats start giving bounties and anomalies will begin spawning. And if noone is there or have been there it start dropping again.

But what are some potential unintended consequences? What if wormhole anomalies do not spawn if abundance is 0? There is likely going to be lots of system with abundance near 0?

In any case it seems it will take the sandbox to the next level and lead to a more diversified world which is another good buzzword ?

Do you always talk without thinking about what you’re saying?

If bounty payouts are affected by amount of jumps in the system, people will just jump a lot in their system in order to increase bounties.

Oh, oops.

You did think it through, but decided that ‘jump 100 times today in your system in order to increase payout’ is fun or good gameplay.


If this will got implemented i will start moving to nullsec again and autopilot 10 of my accounts through systems and stwrt crabbing the hell out of this systems !

Its a nice mecahnic to kill the game ! Exactly what we xan expect from wesfahr ! Unlogical ■■■■ wich kills the game

@Gerard_Amatin show some humility and lay off the :man_facepalming: after the fuckup you just did?

And are you aware you said the idea is bad because people will jump around to increase bounties on rats and then right after seem to argue its a bad idea because no-one will want to do that. Anyway i responded to a troll and deserve whatever comes next. Bring it on :slight_smile:

You’re basically suggesting a mechanic that works in the opposite way the dynamic bounty system works, which would kind of defeat the purpose of the dynamic bounty system. The idea behind this system is that bounties should be lower in areas of null that are more locked down by the players because you are suppressing pirate activity, which makes sense.

With your system, players would be rewarded for never leaving a set of 2 or 3 systems, while it seems like CCP’s intention is to force players to travel a bit further away from the safety of their corp’s home systems in order to get better bounties.

What is the point of having home systems in nullsec if CCPs intention is to force players to leave them.

It also seems like the closer the pirates are to home/high traffic systems the more of a threat they are and the bounty should be higher?

The reward for not ratting high traffic system is less competition but also less bounty per kill? It may also be possible for a few players to slightly manipulate the system and technically live in the middle of nowhere but still make it seem high traffic and thus the bounties and anomalies go up. It seems this will eventually attract other people to rat and what not in the system tho? So there seems to be a balance in the concept.

If rewards was based on how busy a system was then the busiest systems and thus largest alliances would have the highest rewards

I don’t see why that is a problem. Incentives to form alliances and otherwise organize does not seem like a bad thing.