Has Anomic Base (Level 4 security mission) ever been done?

It seems impossible, has anyone been able to complete it and how?

Mission briefing
I have a special optional and extremely difficult mission for you, we won’t penalize you if you decline it.

*It appears that a small group of Serpentis corporation test pilots have absconded with some prototype battlecruisers being developed for smuggling operations. We’ve located three of these pilots in a base they’ve established not far from here. *
*They have all scans open, so we can’t go there in force. If you accept this mission, it’s you against them. *

Only medium sized ships can gain entry to the hideout, so don’t try to bring anything bigger.
*These rogue pirates are flying advanced prototype battlecruisers capable of dealing damage at long range. Our intelligence reports indicate that they are armed with railguns loaded with Spike ammunition. Survivors of our last failed attack against their compound indicate that they use long ranges combined with powerful sensor dampeners to avoid danger. Their base is also equipped with a huge minefield of proximity-activated autoturrets. These turrets deal EM damage and will cause you problems if they activate, but they remain dormant unless a ship enters within 10km of them. Fly carefully to avoid the turrets. These pirates always fly with a Warp Disruptors fit. *

A word of warning: these rogue pirates are extremely dangerous and have proven very capable of destroying capsuleer ships. If you choose to decline this mission or if you fail to complete it, you will not lose any standings.

Yes, there are a few videos on his channel that are also very helpful.

Many great achievements that Hateless_Gaming had completed.

They have, but not by me, I don’t accept them because I ran it on sisi and failed with every fit I tried and my skills are not bad, but it’s probably just that I stink.

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