Has low sec turned into multibox heaven?

I feel like low sec has been changing over the last 4-5 year’s, you used to be able to do a lot solo.

But these days I constantly see multiboxers with 5-10 accounts running around, they bait with one ship them boom 9 more warp in all with the same name with damps + tracking disruptors + logi.

Not complaining its obviously good strategy on their end but there is no ways to compete as a solo player in that environment.

Then you get the cyno droppers who are getting more prevalent, so I’m finding flying higher than cruiser is not really viable.

Anyone else having the same experience? I think it might be time to go to wormholes, or maybe someone knows a good spots for solo players?


You’ve only to look at killboard for Kubinen to see a long list of solo kills…mostly from certain regulars. I even got a solo kill there myself in one of my alts that effectively lives there. Never mind multiboxing…its scary enough undocking in a system that has 3 people in it each with 10,000 or more kills that are mostly solo.

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Thanks mate that system kb is amazing, great find!

I’m slowly getting into lowsec solo stuff myself. Quite daunting for anyone new to it. The other solo thing I do is suspect hunting in highsec…though even there one has baiting too. For some bizarre reason suspects seem to hang about at the gate at Halaima, easy kills usually as many seem to be AFK.

Kubinen (and surrounding systems) has always been a PVP magnet. Not because of amazing high quality PVP but because that’s where uninformed newbies will go if they “want to try low sec” while flying newbie/silly fit Ventures, Kestrels, Caracals and Drakes. There are people who focus on “scoring” EZ newb kills.

Anything more is simply attracted to fighting those fierce PVP gods.


When one person fly multiple ships its still solo.

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Plenty of dead pockets of low sec to do stuff in solo. Just have to be willing to operate far from trade hubs.


Working as intented. CCP wants you to multibox 9+ too. Then you can compete.

The usual hunters in Kubinen will blob you, but both players only have one alt to use (or friend if you are naive). And they don’t use the second alt unless neccessary, which when most of their kills are ventures is not often.

Khanid I’ve never tried but amarr low is a good place to get blobsed on by dawinism.

Kind of wish there was a single low sec region where cyno’ing was disabled completely, it would be filled with solo pvpers.

The multiboxers would be dissuaded from going there too as they would need a jump freighter to move all their ships for all their chars.

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Let’s fix that:

Everyone in Lowsec will blob you, unless he can kill you anyway.”

Rumors say there are more Alts with Baitships and CynoRecons out there than anything else. The good old smallscale piracy paradise days are long gone. And unless CCP seriously nerfs Cynos or brings in effective countermeasures, it will stay this way. Hotdropland™, do not stop there.


I tried finding your amazing high quality PvP killboard. Have you ever undocked ?

Not quite as bad as the ‘solo’ player with the old off grid booster alt.

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The issue isn’t so much the action of doing it but rather the moniker of “nono it’s solo because :technicality:”, it’s hubris. I used to run quite a few accounts to do my wardeccing, can flipping and mission busting. But if someone asked or I explained what I did I never went “yeah I do that solo” or IF I did the sentence after that would include “but with a ton of alts for support”.

It’s like the dude with the “one man army” ESS fights, at least he calls it that so it’s ok but if he calls it “solo” I’ll go “really? what’s that curse doing there?”


Nope, not in the strict sense of one pilot one ship.

One pilot ten ships in space on another 9 accounts is not solo play.


One person = solo. There is nothing here to break this simple rule.

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So Zkill is wrong as it treats one character as solo? :thinking:


If one person registers multiple accounts on zkillboard to the one e-mail does it mark kills as solo if all the characters belonging to that person are on the kill?

What? :thinking: