Has low sec turned into multibox heaven?

It’s not just you. Uprising and Havoc expansions killed off a lot of the FW solo (as in killboard solo) folks. The regulars I bumped into are long gone.

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Question for you here. Would creating new cyno modules be an answer? For different ship classes with different spool up timers or detractors, such as say 0% resists when activated, ewar buffs to tackled ships, velocity/inertia nerfs to tackler ship but no longer immobile completely, big resist hole mechanics for tackler, area of effect buffs for scrammed/pointed ships? I mean the list of what you could dream up under this guise is endless. Im kinda using the WH effects or even the Trig/Edencom system buffs/debuffs as a thought pattern here.

Basically different cynos would create different “terrain maps” which would create unique possibilities or challenges with single drop, redrop escalation implications, perhaps creating a very unique terrain to fight on slightly changing the possibility of engagement profiles. Hell, even the idea of suicide cyno to add a debuff or buff in some way in a big fleet fight to gain an ‘advantage’ or allow a tactical retreat,

Hey! What are you even doing solo in a multiboxer game? Go back to your cool games and all that. We don’t want people like you here. Pay for multiple accounts, you cheap poor bastard!

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Call me old if you want, but a decade ago Brave lost their first dreadnought to a multiboxer in lowsec.

Like whinging about microtransactions in a game that was selling game time cards that could be traded for isk in 2007, this whining is at least a decade late.

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Multiboxing is a foundational part of the game. It is even reflected in the original EVE novels. The “problem” about multiboxing is 100% reddit made by 2 or 3 players.

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We need to add, every now and then, a translation for those unfamiliar with the Alice in Looking Glass Land that is the Eve forums…

" I hate multiboxing "…true meaning " I can’t afford to multibox so I hate people who can "

" No one cares about your kills "…true meaning " I don’t have any kills and never will have "

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Pretty stupid translation, I know more than enough people who could easily afford a hundred Omegas and still dislike mass-multiboxing because they are convinced it isn’t healthy for the game.

And no, “it brings money to CCPs pockets” doesn’t automatically makes it “good for the game”, we both know a lot of ways to monetize gameplay content that could fill CCPs pockets that wouldn’t be good for the game: gold ammo/modules/ships, direct item sales (titans for cash, barges for cash etc…), immunities for cash (ganking immunity, dscan immunity, wardec immunity etc…). List goes on.

I play long enough to have witnessed an EVE Online before mass-multiboxing became a common thing, and guess what, it was a better game experience, more social, more cooperation, more relevance for each corp member.


Well…what people are convinced of and what the reality is are not necessarily the same thing.

Bear in mind that multiboxing arises from multiple Omegas, which do not necessarily always translate to multiboxing. I have multiple Omegas simply to have multiple different Eve ‘lives’.

I don’t doubt that. I just wanted to point out that your “translation” is simply an “opinion”. One you are free to have of course, but I doubt it holds much substance. Based on my long-year experience and conversation with other vets, envy and poverty are among the smallest reasons why people oppose mass-multiboxing. At least among the people I find worth listening to because they are experienced as well and caring for the greater long-term good of the game.

Both are different scenarios. I am not opposed to people having as much Omegas as they like. I am against a game design that promotes their usage all at the same time for a simple purpose that ramps up too well with just bringing N+1 numbers. That can be resource harvesting, but can also be DPS. Every content in the game should be at least so complex in terms of paying attention, clicking and making decisions that it is humanly impossible to command more than 3 pilots at the same time efficiently (rare exceptions). Let me give you an example:

There are many good Logi-Pilots out there, they can make an amazing job holding up your fleetmates and for some corps they are worth pure gold in fights. Many can even dualbox two Guardians, but most will notice a decrease in efficiency. Dualboxing two Logistics will mess up locks from time to time, you will miss broadcasts, overheat too late or too long, have capmanagement issues under neutpressure and so on. While you still be able to rep more than 1 Guardian, you don’t rep 200%, you maybe rep ~170% of what an equally skilled guy focused 1-Guardian-Pilot could rep. Add a third one and you will mess up even more, giving only 200% return for fielding 300% ships. Now of course you have some really outstanding players, those one-of-a-kind geniuses who can manage 2 Guardians and even 1-2 Faxes and a scout at the same time and be spot on with it. But thats rare exceptions. Really really rare. Over the 15 years+ I play the game, I have barely met a handful people who could pull that off without losing large parts of their efficiency.
In this scenario, there is absolutely no issue with “multiboxing”, because you’ll get diminishing returns. Like a “stacking penalty”. You can maybe use 2 Guardians, but you can’t use 8. Or 12. Or 20.

What I see as a problem is only “mass-multiboxing”, like 1 player simultanenously controlling 3+ accounts because the task the game gives to him scales too well. When it comes to Ice-Mining or even Ore-Mining in larger belts, 10 Hulks simply mine 1000% of 1 Hulk, the roids are always big enough. And they are easily controllable by 1 single player because operating them doesn’t put any strain on the player. But that means most of those resources will go into one guys pockets. Casuals, Newbros or even smaller groups will barely get crumbs of that belt while once rich vet gets richer and richer. You can see that in HS-Icebelts every day over and over again. Single-Miners or Small newbie groups try to do a mining op, one mass-boxer logs in and erases the belt in 30 minutes, then loggs off to come back in 4 hours when the next belt spawns. Thats not helpful, thats frustrating for the next generation of players that we really really need to keep in the game.

Same goes, to a degree, for ganking and drone-assist fleets. I am absolutely pro-ganking in terms of that it should be in the game, but not in it’s current form. This mass-multiboxing of high-dps ships is just their only way around the ever-growing hurdles put before higsec-engagements and again it causes only frustration for those getting ganked because they get the feeling “nothing i can do against someone using 10, 20, 50 ships!!!”. Newbros or Casuals simply can’t understand that gankers simply have no other way because of the HP- increases and more and more restrictions over the years.

My personal sweetspot (yes it’s also just a personal opinion you are free to disagree with) would be to allow only one instance of EVE Online being run on every PC, but you can online all your 3 characters at the same time. Thats more then enough for QoL-tasks like using a scout or a trader, a cyno-alt or 2 miners and a booster… But if you want more, you would have to work with multiple PCs, Virtual Machines and all kinds of tricks that would give you lots of diminishing returns to add more and more characters to your direct control. And of couse a complete re-design of mining and ganking to make professionalism in fine-control much more rewarding instead of rewarding just bringing “another alt”. But, as said, probably won’t happen as long as CCP just makes a lot of money with mass-multiboxing. But one can dream.


Well, yes…despite calls in fleet for me to multibox…which I ‘can’ do and have done…I actually find that multiboxing two Eagles ( for example ) is less productive that flying just one. Often the FC will be switching between targets at a rate that one simply cannot keep up with on two chars. On rare occasions I have two chars on the same kill…but that is generally when targets are being called at a more leisurely rate. On those occasions when one is literally getting a new target every few seconds and being told to drop an existing one because the DPS is not working, its hard enough keeping up on one account, let alone on two. And, of course, all the time that one is focusing on that one is not focusing on whether either of one’s ships is being targeted. It is often double the work for no extra benefit. I’m not getting double the kills by dual boxing. Maybe someone really good at it can do.

I can’t say I’m ever going to have 10 or 20 accounts…three will be enough for me. I dual box occasionally in fleets, but the main purpose of dual boxing for me is real time scouting, where it really becomes a benefit.

I suggest we start a solobixing rebellion, where we actively tell multiboxers how disgusting they are :upside_down_face:

That sounds like passive aggressive envious carebear talk.

Only the real elite is able to multibox 20 accounts, we all should aspire to achieve such greatness. It is the real EVE experience as stated in the books.

As an MMO player, I can’t really take EVE seriously.

It’s supposed to be a sandbox game with a player-run economy, yet I keep seeing limited-time ship and paint sales. Also, in a sandbox game, it’s strange that multiboxing is even allowed. Sure, back in the days of Dark Age of Camelot we had buff bots, which did ruin the PvP in that game, but EVE? From what little I’ve seen, this game seems to be balanced around multiboxing. Just look at the drone nerfs for miners with Orcas and such. This affects game balance and the prices of things. Overall, it’s bad for the health of the game, but I’m sure it’s good for business.

This game is interesting, and I understand it needs to make money because MMOs have a hard time attracting new young players. EVE is probably the hardest to get into. I tried to get my nephew interested, and he thought it would be cool for a ruthless, cutthroat PvP game, but when he saw how the combat works and heard about people playing five to six accounts, he said, “This is a game for old people who don’t have the skill to play other games.” LOL.

I still get some enjoyment out of it, but some people take this game way too seriously. It’s just a cute MMO, nothing more.

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2/10. One point for the length, another point for using proper spelling and grammar. Otherwise, low quality bait.

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Good, because EvE players don’t take MMO players seriously. Didn’t bother reading any of the rest of the irrelevant babble, because EvE isn’t like any other MMO, nor should it be.

You can go back to whatever MMO you crawled out of now. Good day. :grin:

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To take Eve seriously at this point is a waste. Looking the new update and how it is monetized they may be trying to just squeeze more money out of multiboxer who want matching ships with custom colors on all of them.
CCP is going to keep this game going with 30k online and 5 players by the time this over.

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sorry? the miners can finally fight back the gankers with the new haulers. this update was designed for highsec… right?

Sorry was just talking about the skins portion and how it was monetized.

It’s a boarder problem with the game that you can’t do something that benefit from multiple people working together without benefiting multiboxers. It’s not just PVP but the game in general. I think the best way to tackle this isn’t normal space but events. Make them completable with nothing more than a clean clone and faction modules on a t1 or navy ship. Regardless of if it is “mine X ice,” “collect X things from cans” or “destroy X event NPCs” make them possible for single boxers to actually do. Sure multiboxers will be able to do them just fine and faster, but at least single boxers aren’t locked out of the event content. As for PVP… um try looking for explorers? You can’t really not allow multiboxers to do PVP in lowsec and null sec since to do so would effectively eliminate fleet play so even if the devs wanted to give you a chance to hunt (which they probably don’t) the cure would be worse than the problem. Also you said “flying anything higher than a cruiser is not really viable”… so you are getting some PVP kills with an Omen Navy Issue, Stabber, or Caracal but just not having success with bigger stuff? That means you’re still having some success. Solo PVP isn’t dead after all!