Has the barrier for entry became too high

the barrier for entry into bigger ships such as capitals became too high now for a new player I mean I’ve been training towards getting into a rorqual for going on 2 years and because of all the sub skills you need it takes forever I know you’re going to tell me go buy a character off of the market that’s an option but it’s not a good one

Also a secondary note the alliances are so big someone like myself who really doesn’t want to get into just the numbers game because your number in a worker ant when you go with the bigger Alliance there should be some way for the smaller guys to get into ns to be able to defend them self buy outdated game mechanics and outdated ways of thinking close-minded individuals on the CSM that are from the big corporations the game hasn’t progressed it’s kind of getting barbaric and going back to the stone age’s

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Capitals are cheaper than ever to obtain and easier than ever to power skill into. It should not be easy to get into capitals, it should be a pain in the back and deter anyone who wants to just for the lols. And then we need to get rid of many of the capitals so that EVE can be enjoyable again. Rorquals in particular need to be culled with a spiked mace.


Is it that hard to use punctuation?

Anyway, +1 to Rivr’s post. EVE is a long-term game, and capital proliferation is already a huge problem. I’m fine with the barrier to entry for the game’s largest ships being high.


It’s supposed to be a long term game. The bazaar and injectors are (in my opinion, sadly) there to allow you to bypass this, should you feel the need to. Capital ships are supposed to be one of the skill pinnacles of the game, and to be honest IMHO they are already too easy to get into.


It’s lower than ever. You just have to buy the shortcuts to participate meaningfully. Simple as that. If you’re not willing to do this, the alternative is indeed the slow grind. That’s the model. I can understand why it feels off, there was a time when the relatively slow progression was what provided meaning and gave weight to both challenge and experience. That EVE is however fading.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It’s just that the pathways have been changed in such a way that deep gameplay are increasingly based on triggers to buy shortcuts. There’s still gameplay which doesn’t carry those subtle (and sometimes less-than-subtle) stimuli, but capitals / high industry isn’t it - unless you’re willing to be fodder.

Why not look at other options.

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Capital ships should take a long time. Took me three years to get into a carrier when I started in 08. There should be something to work up to.

As for getting into null, there are other ways (npc null is a good start) or do what I’m about to do in a few days, start a corp, build it. Maybe build an alliance, then go kick over someone’s castle.

Easier way just to join an alliance already in place. Lots of ways to get it done

You say rorqual then say little guy.Rorquals are the heaviest mining ships in game and they need alot of protection.

Don’t worry casual new player. Your fan dollars lobbied for skill Injectors and to be able to pay to skip the line.


this right here. rorqual is not “entry level” for mining. its the ■■■■■■■ end-game top tier. so yeah, it takes a while and there are a lot of pre-requisites to train. but as has been pointed out previously, they are easier to get into now than at any other point in eves history.

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There are 809,531 Corporations and 8,721 Alliances in game. Plenty of small groups.

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You sound… Mad. Are you mad, brother?

Since when have cap ships been entry level?


I demand alpha titans!

Dearest OP…you know CSM is not making the game…right?


Laughing I have to paid account I’m not even asking for Alpha Titan the barrier for new player it’s huge anymore I’ve been here almost 2 years on my main account and I’m barely level 3 on the Orca I took a couple months break here and there where I was only Alpha if I would have stayed Omega I probably would have been a lot further training on my main my point is the

brand new player they already have a learning curve and I think it’s just discourages though because it takes them forever and even to get into I’m mining barge proficiently because let’s be honest to be in a mining barge it’s going to take you 6 months to train it up to where everything is going to make any decent profit just because you have mining barge V does it make you have to have mining upgrade to 5 to really make the profit that’s my opinion

As for the CSM I realize they don’t make the game but if you look at the CSM is mostly made up of goonswarm because they tell their members who to vote for there is no freedom and big corporations like that I was with them for a couple weeks and one Alliance meeting I realize that they would be hard to work with and I joined a couple different Corporation big corporations it’s not my thing but I do see where the big corporations Run the game and CCP cannot say that it doesn’t work that way because it does

Not even.

Ironic I just see this topic, while I’m hearing @CCP_Fozzie say it should be a lot harder to get into them.

As others have expressed, you’re in here for the long-term. EVE has yet to follow the design of the newer MMOs which are designed to have players get on an express train every three to six months and encourage the “end-game mentality”. If you really want to cut down on training time, and are already using implants, properly allocated attributes, and other means of speeding up skill training, you have skill injectors you can buy.

And how exactly would this be done without being exploited by quite literally every player in the game? More involved and complex operations that require a large number of people are going to require a large number of people. There’s no shortcuts or work around unless you plan to pump a few billions worth of real world dollars into CCP’s pocket for your own personal null bubble with the absurd amount of alts you’d need.

If you have loads of money yes you can do that and I’ve skill injected a little bit myself but that gets expensive real quick I spent like two or three hundred bucks one month skill injecting to get into I think it Cruiser at the time

Veteran players have lost touch with what it is to be a new player in the game now!!!

One option I heard Fozzie say is to be able to create a titan, you have to destroy one and get parts from it.
Thats a possibility.

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True that could be really interesting for the Goons who have like what 20 or 30 Titans at any one given time