"He did not enjoy pushing buttons" - EvE PVE "by Robert Scheckley"

The missions were the souls of simplicity. He just sat there and the rats went by him. He pressed a button and they went poof. They always did. After that he salvaged the wrecks with his noctis.

The first one slid by on the long slide of rollers. He pressed alighn to button on the screen.

“Warp drive active” - another gate went by.

Morli had another two hours in front of him and loosend his seat to prepare for it. Two hours of pushing buttons and listening to a machine annouce its readiness.

“Warp drive active”

He pressed warp.

“Warp drive active”

Morli`s mind strayed from the game which did no need much attention in any case. He realized what has been bothering him.

He did not enjoy pushing buttons.

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Well put. Missions are terribad.

Probably carpenters don’t like nailing and gluing stuff together -but they enjoy the result. It’s the “what”, not the “how”.

But Confucius says that the journey is the reward.

Carpenters actually DO enjoy the crafting process. Quite a lot. The work that goes into lovingly hand-crafted wooden furniture and decorations is the part that matters most. The creation itself is the whole point.

Morli should try flying a drone boat, but why was Morli doing missions anyway? Why did he think he needed to push those buttons? What was his plan?

Creative process and the freedom to express yourself are enjoyable for artist. For players I think that would work too.

Join fleet, align, select primary, press F1. Return in 4 hours to press F1 again…


Have you ever even done this? Even a Doomsday weapon only has 40-50 minutes of cooldown in 10% TiDi. Barely enough time to even go grocery shopping. That’s probably still too many buttons to push.

But just enough time to duck down to the corner store to purchase hot pockets and heat them up right?

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Sure, or to take a little nap. Considering how long some of these engagements last, that’s always a nice thing to be able to do.

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Boring is in the eye of the beholder.

I suspect you’ll find that Confucius owns a travel company…


Actually it is more a symptom of withdrawal, not some sort of “individualistic” thing that somehow magically defines a person.

I guess linking this makes it easier: https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/emotions/bored-to-death1.htm

When you do stuff out of boredom, you try to give yourself a fix to relieve yourself of the feelings of boredomness. That’s not even a word, but I like it better. This post would be really boring for me otherwise. : - )

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if your taking that long to do a mission your doing something wrong, even in ships with full tanks it doesnt take near that long

Only if you don’t do this for living.

Once you start to have to do something day by day for years it starts to lose its pleasantness pretty fast.

I think that’s known as ‘a job’…

hi … what you want? a fist fight or what you are thinking really?
its a PC game you know … you have to push a button so something can happen … voice commands are not working and there is no USB port to your brain

maybe if it is to boring play other missions … then you maybe have to work a little more but i tell you a secret … push the button is a good thing in higher missions too … even in PVP you have to push buttons



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