Can someone suggest a good reasonably priced headset…ty

do you want wired, bluetooth, both ears covered, one ear covered??

prefer both ears with a boom mic…wired or not no biggie

I actually find it better with just one ear covered - I have fleet chat (Discord) on the headphone, and the Eve-generated noises on the PC-fed sound system into the other ear. YMMV

o7 > you can’t go wrong with Tt ( Thermaltake ). Great, middle of the range headsets, they don’t break the bank and from my personal experience, great quality all round.

The Tt eSPORTS SHOCK Premium is really well priced, quality Mic, ear muffs that cover the entire ear and carbon braided lines that don’t tangle.

That would be my pick. From there, after you exit the middle of the range headphones from Tt. You probably won’t experience the full bandwidth of high end sets playing eve. So it would just, I guess, come down to how much your willing to spend.

Ty for the replies

I bought Logitech G533, blutooth. I have no regrets and the battery life is quite good for me, no idea what they cost in your part of the world. But the price was decent here in sweden :slight_smile:

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