Proposal To Fix Eve Sound

Dear CSM,

As a long time member of the EVE community I have spoke fondly of this space MMO. With that said I was shocked and surprised after the release of the infamous audio engine update. On that day I have found that all my ingame sounds have been flipped.

The right comes out of my left side and the left comes out my right side. My headphones and hardware are the correct way round and all over apps and game play the correct way round. I have updated all drivers, tried other sound ports and even scrubbed cache. I am led to believe this issue is EVE exclusive.

The best way I can describe the sensation is as if you took my head, put it upside down and faced it backwards. No explosion or missile sounds on the correct side of the screen, and all front sounds sound muffled while all sounds behind me sound clear like they are infront of me.

I urge you to recount if any of you have similar experiences and ask better of CCP Sound Team. If this is a large issue it must be fixed, if it is a small issue I propose an option menu feature that can at least swap the feed direction.

It is not strange to say that EVE is an immersive game and that immersion is in peril.

From Kyle.

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Hello forum😀

If you take a look at my earliest posts you will find that one of the first issues I raised and made a thread about was a sound issue. I thought is was fixed but it isn’t, I still hear my afterburner after I dock. That’s just one issue. There are many others.

To the contrary. It is very strange to me that players go on about Immersion in EVE when it’s one of the least immersive game I have ever had the pleasure to play.
All the important information to play the game aren’t in the game but online on the internet. It is zero immersion to have to dock, open Firefox, go to Google and search for stuff that the game doesn’t mention, explain or touches upon at all.
So that immersion isn’t in peril because it doesn’t exist in EVE.

Fifie & escapism.

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I have had no issues with EVE sound.

Can confirm, stereo audio in EVE is the wrong way around.

EVE does have a lot of stereo environmental sounds, for example when docked, but since EVE doesn’t have many directional sounds that matter for gameplay, and since I tend to turn off sounds in larger fights, I had not noticed at all until I saw this thread and started paying attention to it.

When I drag my tactical camera such that the engine of my ship is on the left side of my screen, I hear it on the right side, and likewise I hear sounds of ships and structures visible on the right side of the screen in my left ear. There’s clearly something wrong with the stereo sounds.

This shouldn’t be hard to fix, I think. A matter of swapping the audio of the left and right ear?

I’ve made a bug report: EBR-233


EVE is one of the more immersive games I’ve played.

There are very different forms of immersion though, in games. Some games have very immersive graphics, others have (combinations of) very immersive quests, immersive characters, immersive world or a very immersive story.

What makes EVE very immersive is how it has created a huge and complex multiplayer universe that feels real, because of many things EVE did really well. Provided you can tell stories well, you could tell a story about each of your game sessions in EVE and let it completely be in character: how you wanted to prepare for the upcoming war against your neighbours by flying halfway across the galaxy importing ships from the market, dodging shady people along the way who were trying to catch your ship with various different tricks using scouts, interdictor bubbles or simply by camping gates. And that you managed to make it through alive without losing any of your hard work in an explosion.

If you were to tell a story about your other ‘immersive game’ where you tell about the awesome graphics and how you finally got to kill that difficult boss once you finally got the rhythm (only took you about 8 quicksaves) and now have a new weapon that makes your previous weapon obsolete…

Or that other immersive world that you completely tweaked to your preferences. Everything looks real, you feel like you’re really living in that world. There’s just one thing missing… and that is that you’ve seen these same characters repeat those same sentences each time you were here. Why can’t these characters have more voice lines? Why can’t they act unpredictable, like a real human being would? Perhaps you should see if you can find another mod for that.

I don’t know which world is more immersive.

Sure, using websites and tools to gather intelligence on your enemies and prepare optimal ship fits to fight them might’take you out of the game client, but it’s still completely within the story and gameplay of EVE, and immersive in it’s own way.

Anyway, enough off topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


EVE has sound?


sorry :wink:


Your headphones are on backwards

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My microphone would be on the backside of my head if I did that. :stuck_out_tongue:

My headphones have no trouble with other games with directional sound, it’s EVE that does it backwards.

Jokes aside, it would be nice if you could tell CCP about this issue. I hope that they’ll notice the bug report and fix it eventually.

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They absolutely are not. Both cable and markers are correct. All other games play correctly.

It was a joke.

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Jokes? On the eve forums? Surely you didnt actually expect someone to think a CSM would joke about this lol.

From the patch notes:

Defect Fixes


The audio stereo image has been flipped back.

If this is what I think it is, the bug got fixed, nice!

Will check later.

Helloo forum :grinning:

Please tell me how EVE immerses you into the world of New Eden because it’s a mystery to me.

I don’t think so. To me, a game is either immersive through all of what you mentioned or it simply isn’t. Graphics, Quests, Characters, World and story should come together to create Immersion, not just be a part of it.

The only reason why it feels real is because it is real players who make decisions to be involved. The game itself has little to do with players partnering with other players to get advantages/fun/memorable memories. Even if it does give a framework for it, the game doesn’t dictate players actions, especially when it’s a sandbox.

That does sound immersive, except you create that immersion in your head, you are the author of the immersion, not the recipient of it.

It definitely would unless I was a 15yr-vet. If I have to minimize the game to find something on-line then it takes me OUT of the game and so OUT of immersion.

I don’t know for you but when I open Google or ZKillboard I don’t feel like I’m in New Eden anymore and I’m really not. Resutl: out of immersion.

I guess EVE’s way of being immersive isn’t immersive enough for me. But that’s okay because I love the game and everything in it. It isn’t the first non-immersive game I play and probably won’t be the last.

Fifie gets lost in her own hangar.

I think I already did in that post that you quoted, and I don’t really feel like typing the same thing again. But I’ll try.

EVE is immersive because things I do in that game have real impact on the game and consequences. The bonds with other players, interactions with hostile groups, trying to outsmart and outplay enemy players, it’s all very immersive to me.

When I play one of those ‘immersive’ games that you’re probably thinking of, the ones with the fancy graphics and good story telling (I do really enjoy such games too and have played games like Skyrim, Witcher 3) it feels immersive at the start, until I get to know the combat tricks the NPCs use, get to know the feeling for how the developers made the levels. I get a feeling for when to dodge and stay alive in a fight versus NPCs that never manage to adapt to my actions. And the world also has the downside that it’s either empty where I’ve already been and played through the story, or fills it with generic repetitive tasks. Empty world and NPCs empty of thought… after a the initial wonder such games lose immersion. At least, they do for me.

EVE on the other hand keeps the immersion, simply because I’m mostly interacting with other players in this game. Unlike NPCs, players are unpredictable and they adapt to your actions.

And even if most players are terrible at role-playing an immersive role if you tell them to do so, they all do play the role of a capsuleer that wishes to keep their own ships alive and wishes to make hostile ships explode flawlessly.

EVE is very immersive, from the right perspective.

Helloo forum :grinning:

Thank you for your patience.

EVE may feel immersive to you, regardless of the perspective one has. Another player may find it immersive coming from a whole other perspective than yours. I doubt there is one “right” perspective regarding this game.
It’s really great that some players can feel immersed in the game. At least one can say that EVE does a few things right and I would agree wholeheartedly.
Me, I don’t feel immersed in the game, except only in my long-term goals and strategies to attain them and that’s sufficient for me t keep playing.
Plus, it’s a sci-fi game, of course I’ll play it.

I’m not thinking of another game simply because EVE can’t be compared. I’m only thinking of how I feel about the alleged Immersion that EVE has.

That’s all very immersive to me too, until a Google page comes break that immersion.

They do for me, too. Games like Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed are immersive through the first run only. I haven’t played Skyrim for 3 years and probably should delete it from my hard drive cause it’s just taking space now.

It’s as I said: the players create the immersive environment and the game only sets a framework for it.

Also as I said: I’m glad that some players are immersed in the game when they play it, that’s getting your money’s worth out of it and it’s a good thing.

Fifie & Immersion

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