Ship audio coming out wrong speaker

The ship audio (or at least engine effects) seem to be coming out of the wrong speaker when I’m wearing headphones. For example, if I’m tracking something and my ship is on the left side of the screen, I’ll hear my ship through the right speaker of my headphones.

Welcome The Box Box!
I’ll get the awkward question out of the way first: Are you sure your headphones are on the correct ears and/or working properly? Have you tried with any other programs to see if they’re inverted as well?

Yeah, I’ve made sure repeatedly that my headphones are on the correct ears, and I’m not having this issue with any other games, apps, videos, etc.

@The_Box_Box that’s a strange one, it only affects EVE? No other apps/games? Give Dolby Digital - HD Surround Sound Test - YouTube or Dolby Presents: The World Of Sound | Demo | Dolby Atmos | Dolby - YouTube a listen to test.

Yep! Watched both of those videos, and the audio worked exactly as it was supposed to. Left is left, right is right. It seems it’s only EVE that has this issue. I specifically notice it with my ship’s sounds when I’m tracking something while flying around and warping through systems. Also, I haven’t always had this issue in EVE. It’s relatively new, I think it might have started around the time they started using Directx 12, maybe a little before or a little after, though I could be wrong.

Same problem here, checked the video and everything seems normal there, just eve is inverted. I’m using a Razer headset, if that is a relevant information.