Version 20.11 - Known Issues

everytime when you dock undock the drone menu is open
before dock:

after undock:

old interface was saved last state

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This. It is so bad. For the obscene amount of money a sub now costs you would expect a different level of competence.

This has been reported before but it’s not fixed. The loading dial is not only huge compared to the old UI, it also leaks outside the window frame.


Pre-selected button highlight does not work in Buy Item window. “Buy” is pre-selected because it buys the item when I press Enter but it does not show that in the UI.

Potentially not a Photon issue, but: Enter Force Field Password is not separated from other options in a jump capable ship, even though EFFP has nothing to do with Open Jump Navigation or Jump To.


What Mining Crystals are these supposed to use?

More button design inconsistency. Why is the MAaR fully rectancular while the VO is not? And why don’t both follow the design of other multi-button row design principle of cut off edges on the left for the left most and on the right for the right most button that we see in notifications like “Join Fleet?”:


This design makes at least some sense. And that brings me to the next inconsistency. Why is the Undock button not cut off on both sides because it’s a single row button and other single row buttons (like the confirmation button in anomaly notifications or the time-out confirmation for fleet invite time out) have cut off corners on both sides. So many inconsistencies in just these few buttons. CCP can’t even uphold their own design principles on the most basic UI elements.


Me and a few others are having an issue where ONLY EVE Audio’s stereo is reversed. See: Ship audio coming out wrong speaker

Probe scanner window in Photon:

Probe scanner in the old UI:

The old UI does a much better job at telling you what is going on with your probes, makes it easier to recall them, makes it easier to understand information and see it and buttons are much easier to see and use. Photon removes button design, hides information and makes very a important button not only not look like a button but also makes it much smaller. Old UI is better than Photon here.


Next reason why Photon is trash:

I am a chat channel moderator and have to write mod mails occasionally. In these mails I need to post chat messages that violated the rules and moderator responses to that. This needs to be done with time stamps. Since time stamps for every single message are stupid clutter, I don’t have them turned on.
In the old UI, I could just turn on time stamps and the chat would show them for past messages. I could then copy the messages needed for the moderator action and turn time stamps off again. That was great.
In Photon, time stamps are not shown for old messages and only added for new messages. That makes it impossible to have a detailed log in mod mails. Fabulous.

Next issue:

Frame selecting something in a hangar does not work if your selection frame only goes over the item name. Only the picture counts towards a selection. That’s great. 30% of the item box is dead space.

Next issue:

The Fitting Management window lost all its buttons. All functionality to import fittings is now cumbersomely hidden behind the 3 dots. That’s really annoying for fitting management and requires more clicks for the same work.


Nice little frigate I got from CCP today. Love it a lot.

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Agreed, the feature I use most there is “import from clipboard”, I wouldn’t mind a button for that

Any update on the blurry background in stations. I’m having the same issue.

I just turned off Depth of Field in Settings.
It really should be a slider control than an on/off but at least turning it off totally improves the view

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Newly created Character portraits are no longer being updated in-game. This issue has been happening for the past couple of days now.

Also the Eve music in-game / in station continues playing after entering Character Customization which mixes in with the regular Character Customization music. This issue has been happening for a couple of months now.

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Photon UI issue with the network monitor:

EVE network monitor bug 2022-12-30

Some elements are locked to the bottom and right-hand window edges, so adjusting the window size fixes it, but scrollbars exist for a reason.


Constant dropping and reconnecting to the chat server, causing local to display incorrect names and player counts, dropping messages from chats and occasionally forcing my character out of a chat with no way back in without a hard reset. Different characters show see different content in the same chat channels, and when typing with them some characters can see the messages while others can’t. The error codes that constantly cycle in all channels say:

EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
Eve System > Reconnected to chat server

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Contract cannot be made to a person.
When I typed part of character name, it only came with similar name of corporations.
When I typed exact character name and use Exact terms or Partial terms option, it doesn’t get any result…

Probably a consequence of this maintenance today.

I think the character searching system is broken

I find that. thank you!

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