Heard Eve is coming to Korea

As a korean myself…
It excites me yet worries me.
The Korean players have been accumulating their own veterancy even if they lack proficiency in english language by using translators and fan made wikis.

혹시 사전 지식도 없는 초심자분들에게 말 하나 하자면, 이브 온라인은 약육강식이 지배하는 세계입니다, 다만 그만큼 당신의 자유가 보장되기도 합니다.
그점만 기억하시고 조심하신다면 즐거운 게임이 되실거라 약속드립니다.
그러나 언제나 당신을 먹이감 삼는 악독한 족속들이 많으니 조심하세요.
특히 사기꾼들이나 코드같은 초심자만 노리고 퍽치기하는 부류들말이죠.

If my korean language becomes a problem, this topic will be erased immeidately.

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I would assume if you guys are getting EVE, you may or may not be an official language. thats to be seen, but yes you guys will be getting it, and I would assume on Tranquility server and not Serenity. That’s to be seen though.

I don’t doubt they’ll make a Korean subforum on here when it becomes official!

It might happen, who is to say! Try to keep it to english for the time being though. :smiley:

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Much appreciated.

Seems it’s past the might happen point…

This was a forgone conclusion the moment pearl abyss bought ccp.

Anyang haseyo! I’m not switching keyboards to try hangul. I haven’t used it in over 20 years, and I was never very good at it, then.

That said, however… How is it you lack proficiency in english? Most of you have at least decent TOEFL scores, or at least you used to. Do you still have KATUSAs? It’s been a good long while since I was in Seoul, at Yongsan. Do they still have those little demonstrations outside where they yell and throw rocks at the post walls?

Yeah, having KATUSA friends let me get off post right in the middle of those, and not get ‘ganked,’ for real, which was great. You should also make sure to buy the gate guards an ice cream bar when you come back in. Nothing like having korean nationals on the gate instead of regulation following soldiers. lol.

Your Korean is fine. It’s your English I am concerned, which seems fine

한국어는 괜찮습니다. 너의 영어에 관한거야, 괜찮아 보인다.

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