Korea language support?

Now that CCP is owned by pearl abyss, will eve be released in Korea localization?

I’m not Korean but I’m curious.

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Ask CCP!

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I’m asking YOU!

I personally doubt it will happen; the cost of creating one would outweigh the benefit it would bring those few from Korea, or to be little more precise it’s not really going to generate more money for PA.

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Well that would be dumb!

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I’m sure a smart dev can figure out a cost control target to introduce a proper language definition set and then toss it to fans to do CCP’s work :stuck_out_tongue: Add some marketing control and it ends up with lower maintenance requirements and exposure benefits.

You might try…you know…actually logging in to the game.

I log in almost every week, what are you talking about.

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Pearl Abyss and CCP have actually been talking about this recently.

We didn’t have it anywhere in our plans to localise into Korean, but one of the biggest things that Pearl Abyss staff asked when they found out about the acquisition of CCP was if EVE was available in Korean, as we have a lot of fans who work there.

Pearl Abyss have been talking with us about having one of their local vendors translate EVE into Korean, then handing us the localised content to put into the client.

You might just see EVE in Korean at some point during 2019, but no guarantees.

We’ll talk more about it in a blog if it becomes a thing!

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Cool, I was just curious!

Thanks for the info.

It will happen, then…good. The international community that is EvE is one of the best aspects of the game, imo. Much more localization would be great!

But, how is CCP going to balance the korean players, i mean we’ve all seen how good they are at literally every other game on the planet, what ways are you planning on buffing us normal players so that we can compete with the korean gods of gaming?

Get some inspiration from another universe. For example that of Star Trek, the Klingons killed the gods there, I’d say that’s a nice example.

Easier said than done :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure how their APM and reaction will help them with EvE…

but there is also always an option to properly overblob them!

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A good start is half the work :slight_smile: After that, it’s just one step after the other - keeping space clean.

Must be a nice, fuzzy feeling to know your propechies will become reality.


It’s coming.

Welcome to our new Korean overlords… :grin:


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