Heatstroke warning following social media craze for reverse exotic dancing!

News reaches Gutter Press that public health officials in Luminaire issued a warning today, following a dramatic spike in the number of people admitted to hospital suffering from heatstroke, after taking part in the latest social media craze for Reverse Stripping !

Reverse Stripping is a form of exotic dance where the dancer starts off nude, and continues to add more and more apparel during their act, with some of the most accomplished dancers ending up wearing over a hundred items !

A social media post by a former Quafe Girl turned influencer, where she demonstrated the dance form, was the catalyst for this latest craze, with thousands of highschool and college students posting their own routines on social media platforms.

The craze has caused several hospitalisations for heatstroke, as participants have attempted to wear far too much clothing for the ambient temperature, though no fatalities have yet occurred.

An expert from the University of Caille School of Dance informed Gutter Press that reverse exotic dancing should only be performed by trained professionals, and that only the correct apparel should be added during the routine, to avoid suffering from heat and over-exertion.

Gutter Press visited several exotic dance establishments, to get the opinions of patrons.
“Reverse stripping is more exciting”, opined one patron of the ‘Flaming Centipede Lounge’ in Caille. “I mean, I know what a naked lady looks like, but, with reverse stripping, you’re kept guessing all the time!”
“Reverse strippers tend to be a bit chonkier than forward strippers”, said a patron of the ‘Swinging Flamingo Club’ in Caille. “I like a dancer with a bit of beef on them”
“I saw this dancer use just jewelry in their act.”, said a patron of the exotic dance establishment known only as ‘S’, “She was like a mobile scrap pile by the end of her act. Never felt prouder to be Sebiestor”

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It’s called ‘Piling’, duh.


The fact that there is a Minmatar word for this sort of thing is yet more evidence of something or other.

And this is why the Federation must be destroyed.


It’s things like this that leave me wishing more stars had been made up of isogen-5


What in the name of ■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■?!
What sort of ■■■■■■ debauchery this ■■■■ is?!
If there is such dishonorable place where this ■■■■ is allowed, ■■■■■■■ NUKE IT FROM THE ORBIT.


I mean, you started off nude.

So dishonorable. You should be punished for such indecency.


Sounds like luminaire needs another titan.


I am endlessly grateful our ancestors saved us from the leather yoke of these degenerates.


Having Gutter Press highlight, the overlooked yet crucial goings-on is a continual delight.

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