Hi guys and gals,

So I was just wondering if anyone has visited this infamous system lately?

What’s it like nowadays?

Is it still the fantastic no-mans land for new players, where a hundred separate battles are taking place at once, and you can expect to get wiped away if you jump through the gate?

Being a high-sec pilot, I was always fascinated and looked with awe and wonder at all the goings on in HED-GP when I was new.

Btw - this is kindof a fan-page. Would be nice to read some rp or fan-fic which includes this system.

Appreciate any feedback.


No battles. just Farmers.


Both the Keberz and SV5 gates are often still camped, but the system is much quieter than it used to be.

The campers are pretty risk averse and react to what is coming in based on their scouts. They’ll be off gate if anything can kill them.


You forgot to add: ■■■■ Farmers.

Like this:

■■■■ Farmers.

See? It’s easy!

Let me repeat it just one more time, to be sure:

■■■■ Farmers.


They are like cockroaches, they scramble back to their nearest nest.

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What about the ‘excitement’. Is it still there?

That’s a bit subjective, but if I get the gist right, no the same excitement is not currently in HED-GP. It’s way to quiet for that at the moment.

Back in the day there were bubbles everywhere, including on station, always people in system and skirmishes to be had. It’s nothing like that currently.

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The HED-GP pipe is a study in why citadels are ■■■■.

Simple Farmers just spam them like mad…at a week to kill ONE…no one is bothering to try to clear all of that out. So you have this happy hunting ground…with the second largest alliance in the game next door.

The very first time I entered nullsec, it was at HED-GP. That was also the very first time I got killed in nullsec.


Of course nobody is. That amount of cancer is too much even for the most autistic of us.

And yea, I agree. I’m not sure what pleasure Simple Farmers get out of spamming all them Raitarus, but it is a fantastic example of how bad the current citadel mechanics are. Especially for the dirt-cheap medium models.

If I were king of CCP for a week, I’d order all of them to spend that week attempting to clean out the structure spam in there. Just to give them an idea how excessive the grinding of the current citadel mechanics are; the insane amounts of time people need to devote to the game, at weird times, just to get rid of some <500m citadel hulls.

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Citadel spam complaints remind me of the AFK cloaker complaints.

Maybe Dev should consider removing them from the overview unless they are on grid. Kind of like how POS were.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Oh yeah, delayed local everywhere please.


When I first went to Stain I took a Hurricane through there in early 2010, I logged on as soon as DT ended and as I logged off on the in gate I jumped through and was burning out of the bubbles as the first Russians logged in. I was then chased by them for five systems. I had put a cloak on it and in the end warped to an asteroid belt at 70 km and cloaked just before their fleet arrived on grid. Good memories…

In terms of the Simple Farmers when in Tactical Supremacy I wanted us to obliterate them, but there was no will to do so. We did blow up quite a few at times, as did Brave and Test. But even when it was made easier there was no will to see who could hang tough the longest.

But the people moaning about Citadel spam are mainly PvP’rs who do so because they want them made even easier to destroy.

Delayed local, not a good idea, the balance is about right for nullsec from my own experience.


All players can already do this.

By default, ones we can dock/tether to are shown on the overview, but that’s easy to fix by right-click -> remove {citadel/refinery/engineering complex] from overview.

Happy Cake Day!

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Removing structures from the overview doesn’t remove them from space. And the issue with citadel spam isn’t that they’re cluttering the overview, it’s that they allow people tethering and docking in certain areas of space.
Docking and tethering without counterplay because spamming them is considered easier than removing them, according to the people who are opposed to the structure spam mechanics.

Except they are entirely different things.

For one thing, even tho it’s crap gameplay for everybody involved, AFK camping still serves a purpose in the age of Fozzie-sov, super umbrellas and rampant botting. Citadel spam does not. The best argument you could make for citadel spam being useful is that it allows an inferior force to plant citadels against superior forces by sheer amount of manpower required to kill all of them during anchoring.

Another thing to consider is that complaints about AFK botting are generally from people who just want to krab (or bot) in peace and security. Complaints about structure spam comes from just about everybody, a lot of them PVPers who are tired of showing up for timers at weird hours in the hopes of combat, but not getting any. It’s not about wanting safety, it’s about not wanting to waste time shooting inanimate objects without any action or reward.

Go look for yourself.

Yeh, still not entirely sure why they got rid of outposts tbvh

“if players can build it (outposts) players should be able to destroy it.” large numbers of players demanded this, over the course of years. Nothing in that simple demand covered how difficult they should be to destroy; it depends if you ask a defender or an attacker.

Game designers typically seek a balance in complaints between “too easy” and “too hard.” They make changes when metrics and sentiment overwhelmingly suggests one or the other.

Because people couldn’t hide inside a POS bubble before citadels… :roll_eyes: