[Heiian Institute] HCC Nomination Process Open

The Heiian Institute

Cultural Committee Nomination Process

Caldari Loyalists who have been following the Heiian Institute’s progress will be pleased to hear that with the formalization of the HCC Charter, we will now be capable of beginning the process of nominating and ultimately electing members to the Committee.

The Heiian Institute’s primary mission is to aid in the education and preservation of the Caldari Culture. We do this by promoting the ideals, and traditions many within the State adhere to today. Our secondary practices focus on a multitude of subjects, including the offering of guidance to anyone that considers themselves to be apart of our society and wishes to support that society.

Corporations who support this initiative will be able to utilize the Institute’s networking forum to aid with the mediation of disputes, promotion of employment opportunities, and the conduct of safe third party trade.

We strongly advise all of those interested in a nomination for the Heiian Cultural Committee to familiarize themselves with the HCC Charter, which can be found here.

All interested in becoming a leading member of the Committee are asked to fill out the following information and either submit it to Alexandre Hinkelmann or reply to this thread:

Given Name:
Political Bloc:

Employment History: (Required in full oldest - current)




Is ‘the Caldari Culture’ under any particular threat of loss? I mean, you’ve got a whole State…

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I don’t think something has to be under threat for interested people to preserve said something. If that is the case, then I believe you have a lot of explaining to do to the millions of museums and repositories of history/culture throughout New Eden.


A notification for those seeking to enter the process. The window for entries closes on the 17th of November.

Thank you.

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The nomination window has closed. Nominated individuals will be contacted by a Heiian Institute representative within 24 hours.

Four individuals have been nominated for the three seat council. The voting process will begin 12.3.119.

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Four applicants for three positions?

I wonder who’ll be drinking the tea…

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