[Hek] Grand Opening of the HMA Regional Headquarters - 10/22 (1630-1800)

Greetings and Salutations,

I am happy to announce that the Hek Mining Association has finally established its first structure, the HMA Regional Headquarters. If you’re not familiar with our organization (which seems likely) we are a public mining/ganking fleet that operates out of Hek. We’re not terribly good but we have fun doing it.

In order to commemorate this momentous occasion we will be throwing a grand opening bash on 10/22 between 1630 and 1800. Raffles, contests, and general fuckery to commence. Come join us or watch live on Obeaswan’s: Spinning In The Dark!

Like most of what we do this will be poorly organized and messy. So, feel free to make suggestions for what we should do :slight_smile:


As you ask for suggestions here’s some random ideas:

  • Fireworks and light shows are always fun to have with or without a competition aspect for prizes for the best performances (Luminaire Snowball Fight comes to mind)
  • Giveaways even if just cheap ships are also a possibility (as you do both maybe pre-fitted mining ventures and gankalysts so the ones receiving them can choose one that best fits their playstyle?)
  • Some live ganking performed just to showcase your might :slight_smile:
  • Can also throw out gifts in the form of jetcans (might not abandon the cans or some of the juicier ones to spice things up if you prefer a more PvP oriented experience :wink: )
  • Duels and might even a tournament of sorts if you have the time and effort to spare to organize one (and enough people are interested) but simple duels also work
  • Quiz or other text based activity with some rewards for the ones best performing or just for the sake of it
  • Some fleet activity stuff? Fleeting up for some “exclusive” content is always interesting and fun
  • Giveaway contracts linked in local or fleet chat or some specific chat channel so the fastest to accept it gets the free items inside (no need to be expensive the point is to have something to grab but this case in chat) (might also include some scam contracts just for the lulz :smiling_imp: )

That’s all for now, not sure how useful these are for your specific style but might be useful.


These are all really great ideas. Truth be told, I wasn’t planning on doing this so soon but I mentioned it to guy who will be streaming and he just went for it. I just had to hold on for the ride.

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