Hello. you recently changed the windows interface. added a new window commit button. Now I have a headache

I have 5 accounts, some of them have several characters. All of them are engaged in planetary mining. On each character, I need to fix each window ( 3 chats, overview, target window, cargo window.) if this is not done when opening the planet window, all windows disappear. In addition, the ship’s panel also disappears. There are still many interface elements that I can use while my characters are flying between planets, and all of them need to be fixed. I spend a lot of time pressing one button instead of playing a game. Also, I play from multiple computers, and this operation needs to be performed everywhere. And if you add bugs with the passage to the gate (when the inactive window of the game does not pass through the gate and stops at zero from them. And also add a bunch of NPCs that you added to the gate) the lack of a ship control panel, or an overview, or a target window leads to a very quick death of the truck. And this is not the player’s fault, but the fault of the update curves. Changes that no one asked for. When will the wallet bug be fixed? When you open the wallet, the game window sometimes freezes for 20 seconds! When will the bug with the target capture range from the NPC on the gate be fixed? Is it normal that the NPC takes a ship to the lock for 1000 + kilometers? You try to flood to make a spot and get into invisibility, but the NPCs keep you in the lock for 500 km! But why fix bugs? Let’s change the system of bypassing the barriers and let’s have more bugs.
Sorry for my bad English
if you want to make the interface more convenient, reduce the font in the headers. Add the ability to move the panel for configuration, daily tasks, and current location. Reduce the size of the system status icons, the war icon. The ability to move the ship’s control panel. The ability to reduce the width of the chat window without a minimum limit.
also recently, it is not always possible to catch the planet scanning slider with the cursor from the extreme right position.
We also changed production, added FTL-Radar and other similar modules, component icons do not fit in the production window! when hacking ESS, the character is not shown if you are in the dock. no ess breakout timer.
The system of capital / super jumps has not been finalized for so many years so that the map shows which systems you jump to and which ones you don’t. So far, Black ops can jump on the industrial cyno.
Eva will soon be celebrating her 20th anniversary. But we probably will never see an opportunity to create a template for factories on planets. For that you can save the position of the scaner prob in space!
Now if you have a mark to use jump bridges, then in production it shows you the distance with the bridges, but the launch distance is calculated without them, I think you need to decide!
Is it worth describing hundreds of more bugs, glitches and shortcomings that need to be corrected? After all, the CCP team is not interested in correcting this. it is much more interesting to introduce new modules into the game that will add more bugs.
Now about the balance of earnings.
The most difficult and most profitable was WH, the second place was always lowSec, the third was NulCec, and the most meager earnings were in HigSec. Explain how the ESS system and system index fit together?
To put up in IHub on rating, you need to raise the military index of the system, which leads to a decrease in the risk modifier.
It turns out that I have to put Ihub, having paid for it, I have to raise the military index in the system, it will spend a lot of time on this, put the military Up by paying for them as well, and as a result, the risk modifier falls and the system brings little income. It was a great idea! (sorcery).
Now tell me how to raise the military index in a system where there is 1 gate and you have removed all the asteroid belts? The answer is impossible! This means that you cannot put improvements for more green anamalies. And the system is generally useless whatever the risk modifier is there.
I do not understand why the CCP team does not like the nulSec residents so much and do everything to prevent people from going there.
Let’s list what we have done over the past couple of years in order to attract people to zero sectors.
Reduced the chances of dropping out expeditions. Reduced the chances of dropping loot from expeditions.
Slashed carrers’ dps, slashed the tank for the apostles and minokavs, slashed the Rorkam’s tank, reduced excavator production, reduced ore on anomalies. Removed super support fighters.
Removed the ability to bason subcapital ships with titans.
Increased the respawn duration of combat anomalies.
The number of warmhol was increased, filamets were added, allowing to throw the fleet bypassing the security canals and camps. We removed the ore that brought the most voluminous minerals from the zeros. Removed minerals from the moons, making most of them unprofitable.
We made the ice move around the region. Increased the volume of the excavator (so that they cannot be saved)
Introduced forced ESS, removed factional ESS. Introduced a risk modifier that dropped income on the floor.
And these are the complications and deteriorations that came to mind right off the bat. If you think about it, there is still a lot to add here.
I don’t know if there is at least one plus for those who live in sectors with a zero security level and have a claim?

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will break down some of your b.s. after i had some coffee and get my oil changed.

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