Help! can't join chat nor type emails in game

SiCo doesn’t bar people from any style of play - if folks want to be gankers, scammers, or pirates, they are free to do such. That doesn’t make SiCo a bad group.

If you witnessed someone in an open corp scamming newbies in a protected system, the solution is to report them for breaking the rookie system rules, not painting their entire corp with a ‘takes advantage of newbies’ brush.

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Combined with what other players have shared, it seems to be a theme.

Outing the guy in local as SiCo even illicited a few ‘oh them’ in local.

At what point is it not just ‘someone in an open corp’. Do you guys just use that as an excuse? Why aren’t you in anyway associated and responsible for your members actions? You invited them to corp after all…

How am I supposed to know what’s independent behaviour and what’s encouraged?

Did people say it was just a few goons doing recruitment scams? Or did the entire alliance get tarnished with that?

What you’re basically saying is if this guy does join your corp, he may get scammed by another member and you guys will just say:

This is actually one of the reasons you may not like SICO, that they let their members do whatever they want and then refuse to take responsibility for those actions.

This, however, is by no means the same as the corp/alliance itself being used as a way to scam or exploit the newbies they harvest…

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My recommendation will still be to not join.

The rules do explicitly bar in-coalition scamming - you can scam other people, but not your fellow SiCo members.

Much like most places bar Awoxing, but not hunting third parties.

Not to mention that spamming offers in local as the person(s) supposedly did (or any channel for that matter) is not allowed by SiCo:s rules. If someone who is/was a member did this it was not sanctioned by the corp or alliance.

Scamming and market manipulation is huge part of eve and is also something we want new players to be aware of and also take part in if they like it.

Any eula or eve rule violations that are brought to our attention we obviously take extreme seriously. Other than that we have some internal rules but they are mainly aimed at keeping our comms clean and nice and not to limit any gameplay options.

And you didn’t share the name publicly?

I bought a ton of implants and put them up at a reasonable price. That seemed enough to make him move on.

This was a while ago, but I may be able to dig up a name.


You’re a good man.

So as this topic went a little off piste.

To anyone else who like me experienced this and found this page via google…

This is the fix.


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