Help figuring out the lay of the land/space

So, I hear a lot about low sec, and I’m just trying to see exactly where that is. When I look at maps at DOTLAN, I don’t see any “low sec” systems outside of the main empire regions. Is that correct? And the LS systems I see in empire seem to all be these small islands of 3-6 LS systems.

So, am I seeing that right? LS is just small islands of a few systems sprinkled in empire space?

Please let me know if I’m missing something.


No, there can be lowsec pockets like you see, but it’s more extensive than that.

Try going to the in-game map, make sure “no grouping” is selected (top left icon), and then go to the gear icon->geography and statistics->sort by security status. Then zoom out a bit. You should see a ring-like structure of orange systems that lies between the blues, greens, and yellows of highsec, and the reds of nullsec.


OK, I will check that out, thanks!

E.g. Aridia or Placid is mostly lowsec. There’s some of these regions between high an Null.

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