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Hi all,
Apologies for the seemingly noobish question. I recently returned from a years-long hiatus and having trouble remembering everything. I vaguely remember somewhere in high sec where you could warp in, and if I remember correctly, there were several rooms in this location, at the end was a cargo container with something semi-valuable in it. It reset every down time. There was often multiple people rushing to get to the cargo container. It wasn’t a mission or anything, it was just a static ‘room’ out there, somewhere…

Can anyone help clear up my memory???

DED sites. Probably a 3/10.

You could find them using the map. I haven’t done one in ages…are they still a thing?

Spastic Colon.

Spastic Colon.



Sounds like COSMOS missions and the related locations in the COSMOS constellations.

Yeah, he’s describing when DED sites were static and didn’t need to be scanned down, however they didn’t just reset at DT, they’d reset after being completed.

Anyway, the DED sites are no longer static, they’re now Cosmic Signatures that need to be scanned with core probes, they can also be gained as an escalation from completing Cosmic Anomaly combat sites.

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