Help me to understand account mechanics

So, after putting in some dozen hours or so, I made a silly mistake. I left a ship mining and alt-tab’d away to read some Eve wiki and when I came back, I was dead. I was in a 0.6 security zone so I guess I should have realized that pirate NPC’s could come and kill me. Or maybe it was another player, I don’t know. Lesson learned…

So I thought that the loss of this ship, a Bestower that I had bankrupted myself buying, was catastrophic enough that I wanted to delete the character, start from a new race and see if I could do better. I was surprised to note that there would be a 10 hour delay before the character would be bio-recycled or whatever. Oh well, I have 2 other slots, I’ll just restart using one of them. But I was again surprised to learn, early in a replay of the tutorial, undertaken to see if I could get off to a better start this time around, that I couldn’t train because the first character, which I had deleted but which would take 10 hours to die, was using up my account’s allotment of training. I couldn’t progress through the tutorial without being able to train. So here I was, stuck and unable to play for 10 hours in what seemed unreasonable punishment for alt-tab’ing away for a few minutes.

My questions then, are:

  • Is there a way to accelerate the death of my first character?
  • Will I be able to use my preferred character name on a new character after my first one finishes dying?
  • Can I abort and return to the tutorial once I can train and just play around in the meantime?
  • Can I somehow go into the deleted character before he finishes dying and cancel his training so I can train on the new character and progress through the tutorial?
  • If the deleted character is persistent enough that he’s tying up my preferred name and my training allotment, does that mean that I could leave his stuff somewhere for my new character to use as a leg up?

I wonder if the 10-hours-to-die thing is in place to allow for a purge of the server on a 10-hour schedule or is it so that characters deleted in haste can be recovered by the account holder? Or is it truly a punishment for having done something from which there is no recovery?

Or stop the skill training on the old char and just start up it up on the new?

You can only train one character at a time between the 3 on one account. (exceptions does exist but it does costs isk or real money).

Right, answering this one at a time:

  • No, there’s no way to accelerate the 10 hour cooldown period. Biomassing (deleting) a character is irreversible and potentially a huge loss for certain players.
  • I’m not sure about this, you can certainly try for yourself once you’ve deleted that character.
  • You can abort the tutorial, but I’m not sure if you can return to do it again.
  • Yes, you can abort the biomass process and stop his training.
  • Not sure about this either.

The biggest lesson you learn early on in EVE: never ever undock what you cannot afford to lose. Once you undock your ship, you’ve 1) agreed to any and all forms of PvP, and 2) agreed that you might lose this ship.

Also, i wonder what you were doing “mining” in a bestower (a T1 industrial ship), a venture is a dedicated mining ship and far cheaper than a bestower.

EVE has what’s called Multiple Training Certificates (a monthly subscription that you pay so that you can train multiple characters simultaneously), it’s $19.99 per month.

Also, I took a cursory glance at your killboard and didn’t see a Bestower, so I assume you got picked off by pirate NPCs. I did see a venture in lowsec and would like to give some (albeit unsolicited) fitting advice:

  • fit 2 mining lasers onto it, ditch the pulse laser for drones, mining ships primarily use drones for defense because their high slots are taken up by mining tools
  • fit either a mining upgrade or a damage control in your low slot to either increase yield or increase your EHP (health)
  • fit a multispectrum shield hardener and a 1MN afterburner in your mediums to increase your resists (and therefore health) and to burn away from threats or make yourself harder to hit
  • if you have the cash, fit 3 core defense field extender rigs to increase your shield HP (as your venture is primarly shield tanked)
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My opinion: Keep the char, don’t biomass.
There’s nothing broken, that char can have a glamourous career with your wanted char name. Get used to not reload! It’s EVE, mistakes are part of the game.

You can visit 12 career agent systems with 5 career agents in each station, who provide free ships and some Million ISK. You receive two Ventures and two Bestowers and several Frigates, so don’t worry about a lost Bestower or Venture.

PS: Get yourself a second screen for whatever you do while mining :wink:


Thanks for the thorough answer! I will definitely try these suggestions. Well, I will once I rebuild some cash to do it, anyway lol.

To answer your question, my use of the Bestower was because I had to do a lot of jumps to find the lowsec area that would have the ore I was looking for - Hedbergite or Hemorphite - to ultimately get zydrine. I figured to take the biggest storage capacity ship so I could make the fewest trips back to a station to reprocess the ore.

That’s encouraging, thank you. And yes! second screen coming up lol

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